• Rock Paintings Spread Joy in Lockhart Community

    Students and their families at Lockhart Elementary School are using art to spread cheer during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the Lockhart Love initiative, they are decorating rocks with pictures and positive messages, leaving them around the community for their neighbors to see.

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  • Lockhart First-Graders Experience Touch Tank

    Sponsored by our PTA, Touch Tank brings the marine world to classrooms and enables students to discover and touch multiple sea creatures while learning how the animals interact within their ecosystem.

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  • Kindness Rocks at Lockhart

    First graders in Tara Gonzalez’s Library classes were inspired by the book, Only One You by Linda Kranz. In the story, the rock fish main character learns that he is special and that there is only one of him in this world. His parents encourage him to make the world a better place.

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  • Kindergartners Celebrate 100 Days of School at Lockhart

    Kindergartners had a fun day celebrating their 100th Day of School on February 25th. Students were dressed in unique 100-day themed shirts that they created at home.

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  • Lockhart Third Graders Re-create Caine’s Arcade

    The all-purpose room of Lockhart Elementary School more resembled the games section of a county fair on Feb. 13 as third graders showcased the amusements they spent several weeks creating.

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  • Kicking Off Kindness Month at Lockhart

    “Be the ‘I’ in Kind” is the motto for February at Lockhart Elementary School, but the goal is that the message resonates with children well beyond the 29 days. All students and staff gathered for an assembly on Feb. 3 which focused on kindness.

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  • Lockhart Kindergartners Celebrate Koala Day

    Our Lockhart Kindergartners dressed all in GRAY to celebrate "KOALA DAY!" The children had made donations to the WWF for a symbolic adoption of a Koala and to help raise money to save these threatened animals.

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  • Fourth Graders Immersed in Native American History

    The Native Americans of Long Island and New York are a focal point of the fourth grade social studies curriculum and students in Massapequa recently had a hands-on history lesson. Educators from Journeys Into American Indian Territory visited East Lake and Lockhart elementary schools in January to share their expertise.

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Albert Einstein

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

-Albert Einstein

Mark Twain

“Learning softeneth the heart and breedeth gentleness and charity.”

-Mark Twain

John Adams

“There are two types of education... One should teach us how to make a living, And the other how to live.”

-John Adams