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  •  Invention convention

    East Lake Students Become Young Inventors

    Hey, Shark Tank, here comes East Lake's Incredible Invention Convention. The creativity of the East Lake 5th Grade Magnet students certainly rose to the occasion. There is a new crop of inventors in town.

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  •  Commerce Plaza 2024

    East Lake Has Young Entrepreneurs

    East Lake's 5th Graders got down to business at Commerce Plaza. The fifth-graders gained an understanding of the business world when they took a field trip to Commerce Plaza, the Children’s Business Center for Tomorrow’s Business Leaders. The Levittown-based center enables students to learn about various careers by immersing them in a simulated business environment.

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  •  rts

    East Lake Rocks Their Socks!

    Thursday, March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. A day signifying the uniqueness of the 21st chromosome which causes Down Syndrome. The Down Syndrome International encourages friends all over the world to choose activities raising awareness of what Down Syndrome is and how people with Down Syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities. 

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  • SF 2024

    The World’s Wonders on Display at Science Discovery Fair

    Curiosities about the world were the impetus behind the 78 projects featured in the Massapequa School District’s annual Science Discovery Fair on March 16. It was open to students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

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  •  FPS

    East Lake Fire Prevention Contest Winners

    Earlier this school year, through the Massapequa Fire Department,  Massapequa students in kindergarten through third grade were invited to participate in a fire prevention poster contest.

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  •  World Language

    Love of Language Brings all Learners Together

    Youngsters were invited to discover the world at the Massapequa School District’s 19th annual World Language Festival on March 14. The event was held at Massapequa High School and featured activities celebrating the five languages taught in the district – American Sign Language, French, German, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

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  •  Leprechauns

    East Lake Tries to Catch a Leprechaun

    Students in Mrs. Poveromo's Kindergarten class collaborated with Mrs. Gennardo's 5th grade Magnet students to construct leprechaun traps. The students used simple materials and the engineering design process to create fabulous designs.

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  •  mm

    East Lake Supports Mighty Madison and the St. Baldricks Foundation

    Recently East Lake Elementary School was recognized by Mighty Massapequa as the top fundraising school.

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  • Publish

    East Lake Authors Write, Read and Reflect

    Two months of hard work for young authors at East Lake Elementary School culminated with a feel-good moment on March 1. Students traveled around the room to read each other’s nonfiction books, but before they moved on, they left a compliment behind.

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  •  Super Bowl 24

    East Lake Gets Ready for The Super Bowl

    Students at East Lake School recently spent the week learning vocabulary, making game day predictions and even went shopping at Target to purchase snacks for Super Bowl celebration.

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  •  Penguins

    East Lake Learns about Penguins

    Recently the students in Mrs. Poveromo's Kindergarten class learned about penguins. Students learned about penguin habitats, as well as what kind of food they eat.

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  •  Souper Bowl

    Massapequa Students Go the Distance to Help End Hunger

    Local hunger relief organizations are getting a big boost in inventory thanks to students throughout the Massapequa School District. Several schools hosted Souper Bowl food drives in honor of the big game.

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  •  MAS Souper Bowl

    Massapequa Students Go the Distance to Help End Hunger

    Local hunger relief organizations are getting a big boost in inventory thanks to students throughout the Massapequa School District.

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