Community Organizations

  • Massapequa Hall of Fame

    "The Hall of Fame seeks to recognize alumni who have achieved extraordinary success in their chosen field or have provided exemplary service to the schools, community or the family. The goal of the Hall of Fame is to promote school & community pride. Hall of Fame Members provide an excellent resource for career advisement and networking for current and future students."

    Massapaqua Hall of Fame

  • Massapequa Public Library

    Visit the Massapequa Public Library website to see all the library has to offer: Library Catalog, Digital Library, Sponsored Events and more.

    Massapequa Public Library

  • YES

    Our mission is to help increase awareness about personal and community issues, prevent and treat substance abuse, and promote healthy families and a safe community. We assist young people and adult community members in our effort to enable them to develop to their potential.

    YES Community Counseling Center

  • Cultural Arts Workshop

    The Young People’s Cultural Arts Workshop of Massapequa is a non-profit organization coordinated by parent volunteers within the community. The program’s primary goal is to offer public and private school students the opportunity to discover and enjoy various creative arts, performing arts, music, and sciences.

    Young People's Cultural Arts Workshop