News from Administration


    Dear Unqua Families,

    We hope you all are well and enjoying the start of the holiday season. Please see below for upcoming events and a few reminders.

    Thursday, December 8 - Parent Teacher Conferences 7-9 pm

    Friday, December 9 - Parent Teacher Conferences 8:40-3:40 *No School for Students*

    Monday, December 12 - Parent Teacher Conferences 7-9 pm

    Monday, December 26 through Monday, January 2 - School is closed for Winter Recess

    *Students come back to school on January 3*


    Recess - Students go outside for recess as long as it is 32 degrees or above so please be sure they are dressing appropriately. They enjoy and NEED the time outside to play with their friends. 

    Parent Notes to Teachers - Any note to your child's teacher that reflects a change in dismissal or an early pick up is sent to our main office for our records. PLEASE be sure to include your child’s name, teacher’s name and date on the note. This will help ensure our records are accurate and we know who may be getting picked up early or going home differently than their regular dismissal procedures. 

    Change in Dismissal Procedures - While a note to the teacher is best, if something arises during the day, please call the office immediately so we can relay the message. We ask that all phone calls to the office about a last minute change in dismissal is called in by 1:30pm to ensure the classroom teacher gets the message. 

    Students Leaving Early from School - All parents/family members/friends who pick up students from the front desk or nurse’s office must have ID with them upon pick up. 

    Thank you all for your cooperation and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season.



    Mrs. Deanna Catapano, Principal                                         

    Mrs. Laura Hulsaver, Assistant Principal   

    Mrs. Stefanie DelGiorno, Special Education Supervisor