Arrival & Dismissal

  • The file below will provide information and locations that are important for our arrival and dismissal procedures.  Please read over the attached file carefully.
    Student safety is of the utmost importance!  We do ask that patience and every precaution is used during these times.  Parents and caregivers are asked to follow the outlined procedures.  
    Please be aware of the following additional notes:
    • Parents are not permitted to use the staff parking lots or bus areas as a cut through for drop off or pick up.  A chain is in place to guard against cars entering those areas and we ask that you respect that precaution.  Parents and students do walk through those areas and we want to keep those areas safe.
    • Parents are required to meet their children at the dismissal doors (assigned by grade level).
    • Please do not email directions about dismissal to the teacher as there is no guarantee the teacher will receive it and read it prior to dismissal.
    • We do ask that you communicate, in writing, the dismissal procedure you want followed for your child.  
    • If there is ever a need for that routine to change, we ask that you, again, put that change in writing and submit to the office and to your child's teacher.