Transportation Office

  • Call the Security Office at (516) 308-5333 for AFTER HOURS emergencies.

Transportation Guidelines

  • NYS School districts are required by the Education Law to provide transportation for all elementary pupils residing more than two miles from school and for secondary pupils residing more than three miles from school. 

    The Massapequa Board of Education has lowered these minimum distance from School requirements as follows:

         Grade Level   Distance from School

         Grades 1-6
         Grades 7-9  
         Grades 10-12

      1/2 mile
      1 mile
      1 mile
      1-1/2 miles


  • Parent/Guardian Bus Emails: Our bus email communication tool, RoutefinderGo, is used to inform parents/guardians of students on regularly scheduled bus routes with important announcements and delays expected to be over fifteen minutes. If a student attends MSD schools, the tool syncs with email information in our Student Management System, PowerSchool, and our bus route numbers in Transfinder. If a student attends a private/parochial school, our system syncs with email information we have on file and our bus route numbers in Transfinder. If you need to update email information, please contact your school’s General Office and ask to speak with the building registrar (MSD Students) or our Transportation Department (Private/Parochial Students). If you would like to be removed from bus email communications, please contact our Transportation Department at or 516.308.5065.

    Parent Support: Check your spam/junk folder and add to your safe-senders list. In addition, contact your school's registrar to check the email address we have on file in PowerSchool (MSD Students) or the Transportation Department (Private/Parochial Students). If correct, it is possible your provider is blocking or delaying emails from the RoutefinderGo system. If blocked, please contact your provider to share the issue with your email address or contact the building registrar to update your email address to a different provider. 


Transportation Request for Childcare Location

Bus Stop Changes

  • Requests for bus stop changes must be submitted in writing to the Transportation Office.

Bus Passes

  • Each child eligible for bus transportation will be issued a bus pass and must present it to the driver upon boarding. If a pass is lost, a duplicate may be issued through the school's general office for a charge of $2.50. If a pass becomes worn or mutilated through normal use, it will be replaced free of charge upon presentation of the old pass. Inappropriate behavior while on a school bus or improper use of the bus pass may result in the loss of bus pass privileges. More information will be provided when the bus pass is issued.

Keyana Wright


  • Keyana Wright
    Transportation Office Supervisor
    Massapequa Public Schools
    4925 Merrick Road

    Massapequa, NY 11758
    (516) 308-5065


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