News from Administration

  • Dear Parents:

    As the new school year approaches, I must ask for your assistance again with our arrival and dismissal procedures. The traffic situation around our school continues to concern us all, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians of our procedures and ask for your compliance in regards to traffic laws around the school property. 

    Arrival and Dismissal 

    • Please have your child enter school through their designated grade level door
    • Please obey all traffic and parking signs around the school property
    • Please do not block any crosswalks or school & private driveways
    • Please do not double-park when dropping your child in our

    Drop-off zones. (East Lake Ave & Massachusetts Ave)

    • Please use crosswalks when walking your children to and from school
    • If you must exit the car to escort your child – please park in a designated area – NOT the drop-off zone.
    • Please consider having your child sit on the passenger side of your vehicle for an easier and safer exit. 

     Dismissal - Grades K-2

    • Please inform your child’s teacher and the general office if any special pick up arrangements are being made
    • Under no circumstances should you take home another child if their parent or guardian has not been made aware
    • If a child has not been picked up, they will be escorted to the main office
    • Please keep the school exit walkways clear, so you may quickly identify your child and we can expedite the dismissal process

    Finally, for the safety of ALL our children, I urge parents to be respectful, courteous, obey traffic regulations, and use common sense. I realize that walking to school or parking and walking your child to the door may be an inconvenience to some, but it’s the safety of ALL that SHOULD and MUST continue to be our primary concern. Thank you.


    Thomas A. McKillop III


    “Courtesy Is Contagious”

Mr. Thomas A. McKillop III