Arrival & Dismissal

  • Early Morning Arrival Procedures

    • The bus lane is designated for parents who want to take advantage of our Drop and Go system. There is no parking in this lane. If you would like to park and walk your child to the main entrance, we ask that you do so on a neighboring street.
    • While taking advantage of the Drop and Go system, we ask that you stay in a single file line. Please do not form a second line and avoid going around cars.  When procedures are being followed, the line will move very quickly. The extra patience you show while waiting for students to exit their cars will ensure everyone’s safety.
    • Drop and Go is the quickest method of getting your children into the school. However, if you do choose to park, we ask that you please walk your children to the main entrance.  This will ensure their safety as they cross the drop and go line.    
    • Please always remember to be considerate of our neighbors and at all times avoid blocking their driveways.

    As always, the safety and well-being of our children remains our top priority.  We encourage you to share this information with anyone who may be dropping off your children in the morning and unfamiliar with our procedures such as grandparents and babysitters. Your support in our efforts to keep our children safe is always appreciated.