Finals Testing Information


    • You will note in this year’s schedule that although beginning on Thursday, June 17, 2021 students will report to school only if they have a scheduled final or Regents examination, students will be attending school as a full and regular instructional day on June 18th as a result of the Juneteenth holiday.  Following that date, the school will once again resume a schedule in which students only report to the building for an exam.  After referring to the schedule noted above, please contact your child’s guidance counselor at (516) 308-5830 with any further questions or concerns.
    • As a reminder, students who are opting to take the Regents Examination in Living Environment, Earth Science and/or Algebra I in lieu of the local department final were to contact and notify their guidance counselor prior to Friday, April 23rd.  Otherwise, it is expected that the student will be taking the local departmental exam.
    • Any excused absence from the final on June 17 - June 24 will exempt the student from the exam. Any unexcused absence from the final may result in a grade of zero.
    • Students are prohibited from having possession of electronic devices including, but not limited to: a cell phone, iPod,  MPS Player, iPad, camera, headphones, smartwatch, and AirPods while in a testing room and/or during a testing administration. Students who bring devices with them to a test must provide those devices to the testing proctor. 

Ames Final Exam Schedules