School Closure Activities

  • Elementary Activities Secondary Activities

    The links above will provide parents and students with the ability to access elementary grade-specific and secondary course-specific activities which will enable students to continue to engage in curricular based activities from home.  As a reminder, as of Monday, March 23rd, teachers will engage with students and parents directly for the continuation of learning.

    Most activities listed will require students to use various online learning platforms available that support and reinforce a variety of skills and concepts. Please note the following:

    • If the resource listed indicates to log-in with ChiefNet, please click on the Chiefnet link or visit and log-in with the student's network username and password

    • If the resource indicates log-in with Google, please click on the Google sign-in option and log-in with the student's Google and password.

    • Parents of students in Grades K-7 can access their child’s network (first.lastname) and Google username ( and password via the Student Portfolio tab located on the Parent Portal -

    • Parents of students in Grades 8-12 can ask their child for their student-created password that is student-managed in our User Password Management tool located below.

    Important Reminders:  

    • Please be sure to review all information on the pages the links provided for each activity take you to, as they may contain specific log in information that differs from your child's normal network login credentials.

    • If you or your child are unable to view the links provided, we suggest decreasing the percentage view of your screen until the link appears.  For example, if you are viewing at 100%, change it to 80%.

    • If you have any questions, we ask that you please visit our Student and Parent Support page.