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COVID-19 Communication

  • 3/1/22 - District Email

    Mask Update - District Letter

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  • 1/25/22 - District Email

    Good Evening Massapequa Families and Staff,

    Today in a NYS appellate court a judge issued a stay that must go into effect immediately, and requires that students, staff and visitors in public schools in NYS continue to wear masks.  Additional arguments are scheduled to be heard in court this Friday, after which we should have additional direction and information to share.

    We thank you for your patience as we continue to fight for parental choice in this matter and we thank you for your cooperation as we do so.

    The Massapequa School District

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  • 1/24/22 - District Email

    Good Evening Massapequa School District Families and Staff,

    Earlier today NYS Supreme Court Justice Thomas Rademaker ruled that the Governor and Commissioner of Education do not have the authority to issue a mask mandate without a vote of the State Legislature.  While it is certain this decision will face legal challenges, until otherwise litigated, mask wearing will be optional for students and staff in the Massapequa Schools beginning Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

    The Massapequa School District

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  • 1/18/22 - District Email

    Update to Remote Learning - District Letter


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  • 1/12/22 - District Email

    January 12, 2022

    Dear Massapequa Families and Staff,

    This week all school districts in New York State were given additional guidance from the NYS Department of Health concerning masking, contact tracing, and quarantine protocols. Please consider these guidelines to be in place immediately in the Massapequa School District.


    There is currently no change to what has been in place regarding masking and distancing.


    Contact tracing will no longer be required or recorded in New York State.


    Significant changes have been made to the existing quarantine policies for students and staff. Specifically:

    • Any symptomatic person should test for COVID-19 and remain at home until symptoms subside*
    • For a COVID-19 positive person, whether vaccinated or not, the minimum period of quarantine is now five days, not ten, as long as symptoms have subsided (Day 0** through Day 5). That individual may return to work or school after five full days if symptoms have subsided. If symptoms persist the individual must remain at home.

    *Symptoms subsided means no fever for 72 hours, without fever reducing medication, no runny nose, and only a minor cough.

    **Day 0 is the first day of symptoms for a positive COVID-19 person OR the first day someone tests positive for COVID -19.


    A supply of rapid COVID-19 tests for students has been sent to each school in the district. Please contact your child’s school if you need an additional test(s). We will first distribute those with the January 31, 2022 expiration. The tests in the second shipment obtained this week have an expiration of June 30, 2022. The tests should be used only when your child exhibits COVID-19 symptoms.

    We will do our best to keep you informed with additional updates.

    With Massapequa Chief Pride,
    The Board of Education and Central Administration

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  • 1/9/22 - District Email

    January 9, 2022

    Dear Massapequa Families and Staff Members,

    We hope you are all staying warm and have begun 2022 in successful fashion. Last Thursday our new Nassau County Executive, Mr. Bruce Blakeman, signed several executive orders concerning making the wearing of masks in public places optional in our county. As part of this decision he included public schools and shared that he felt parental choice in the matter of students wearing masks should prevail. He then directed local Boards of Education in Nassau to vote sometime in the month of January to decide whether masks would be required in their schools going forward. Our Board had a scheduled meeting that very evening at which our Board President, Mrs. Wachter, shared that while the Board was pleased with the decision, the timing of our meeting was unfortunate in that the issue was sure to be debated and likely litigated at the state level. The Board was reluctant to make a decision that might soon be overturned by the courts and did not vote on the issue that night, therefore, leaving the current NYS mask mandate in place until further notice.

    Subsequent to the County Executive’s decision, Governor Hochul and NYS Education Commissioner Rosa have issued strong statements directing districts to follow the current NYS mandate for the wearing of masks in schools. Failure to comply with this directive could mean disciplinary consequences for Board members and administrators, as well as financial ramifications by designated state funding for our district being withheld. Upon our return to school on Monday, January 10, 2022, all students, staff, visitors, and outside groups will be expected to wear masks while inside any of our schools, while this issue is being litigated statewide. We thank you for your cooperation as the Massapequa Board continues to advocate for parental choice in this matter.

    Please also be aware that Nassau districts received a message from NYS yesterday that the tests we distributed to families last week, all of which had a January 2022 expiration date, DO NOT have an approved 90-day FDA extension to that expiration. This message is in direct conflict with what we were told by NYS last week. As long as the tests are used this month with your symptomatic child, they are still considered accurate and acceptable. We have been told that additional tests with extended expiration dates will be distributed to us in the coming days.

    It is our sincere hope that the COVID positivity rate continues to fall, so that the decision to mask or not to mask is one that we can all embrace with faith and security, and that once the masks are off the faces of our students and staff, they remain off.

    We wish the best of health and happiness for you and your family!

    With Massapequa Chief Pride,
    The Massapequa Board of Education and Central Administration

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  • 1/4/22 - District Email

    Student Covid Test Kit Distribution

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  • 9/8/21 - District Email

    Superintendent's Letter - Reopening Plan Summary

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  • 9/3/21 - District Email

    Superintendent's Letter - Mask Update

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  • 8/30/21 - District Email

    Superintendent's Letter - Mask Update

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  • 8/19/21 - Livestreamed and Posted to Website

    MSD Reopening Plan Presentation

    MSD Reopening Plan Livestream

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  • 8/13/21 - District Email

    BOE Letter - Reopening Plan Meeting

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  • 7/2/21 - District Email

    Dear Massapequa Community:

    As our summer programs begin, we’d like to provide you with the most up-to-date health and safety protocols as they apply to the various programs being conducted throughout the District. These protocols reflect current State guidance, as well as several recent adjustments to camp settings.

    Please note the following:

    • Staff and students in ALL summer programs must complete the Daily Health Questionnaire, located in a content diamond on the District website:, attesting to the health of the individual on a daily basis.
    • For staff and students attending the Massapequa Summer School, Driver’s Education, and the Extended School Year (ESY) Program, as per current New York State mandates for instructional settings, it is required that masks be worn throughout the day when indoors, with appropriate and frequent mask breaks being provided. Masks must also be worn on all transportation.  Masks are not required outdoors.
    • As per the Office of Children and Family Services, for our summer camp programs, (Summer Recreation, Sports Camps, Teen Camp, Summer Fine Arts Camp, Marching Band Camp, Camp Invention and Lego Camp), the mandate for masks no longer exists, both indoors and outdoors.  It is now “optional” for students and staff to wear masks in these programs.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the District Office at 308-5001.

    We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and relaxing summer.


    Lucille F. Iconis

    Lucille F. Iconis
    Superintendent of Schools

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