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NYS Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award
  • Massapequa High School Awarded Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

    Snapshot of the School

    Massapequa High School is a top-rated high school in the nation. Located approximately thirty miles east of New York City in the beautiful community of Massapequa, our school is among the largest in Nassau County, yet maintains a close-knit feel that can be attributed to the multi-generational families that have remained loyal to both our town and the school system. We are comprised of approximately 1750 hardworking sophomores, juniors, and seniors, along with a dynamic hardworking staff. Individuals come together each day to pursue opportunities for learning in an open-campus educational setting that fosters quality relationships and challenging programs amidst a supportive nurturing community. The school is safe, people are polite, hardworking, and dedicated. There is an atmosphere of continuous growth; respect is shared, expectations are rigorous, attainable, and people are compassionate and understanding.  

    Our school serves a community of students and families that present a balance of pride in past accomplishments with an eagerness in the implementation of progressive educational approaches, technologies, and facilities.  A significant number of residents are employed in the fields of public safety, healthcare, education, finance, and public administration. There is passion in the community about education, which shows in the positive commitment to school community and best practice.

    Massapequa High School serves students that pursue and expect high achievement and success. Students, staff, and families take great pride in our college-level course offerings and the ability of our students to enter universities with satisfied credits. Approximately 1500 Advanced Placement examinations are issued each year to our students (about forty percent of our students will enroll in one or more Advanced Placement course); in 2016, sixty-four percent of student scores were three or higher and thirty-two percent of scores were four or higher. High level participation in the College Board’s Advanced Placement program has earned Massapequa AP Honor Roll status twice over the last five years. More than nine of every ten students will matriculate to higher education studies.

    Top performing comprehensive special education programs bring distinction to our school.  In 2016 – 2017, educators from other school districts have come to visit with our staff, review our facilities, and to engage in dialogue regarding our students’ social, emotional, and academic achievement.  With a clearly articulated partnership that includes focus on student development with regard to an enhancement of content knowledge, life skill development, job training and career planning, our students are increasing their present identities as students and people while also increasing their potential for future gains in life.  

    Our school presents a staff of professionals sensitive and focused on the best means of cultivating learners who will be creators in the 21st century, not just consumers.  Academic learning communities, innovative scheduling, and varied program offerings are part of the culture.  There is an emphasis on maintaining a positive school climate that is inviting to parents and community members. Transitional and orientation programs are present. Staff and student-generated publications and multiple resources are available and published regularly.  A website, Twitter feeds, email blasts, Facebook posts, and additional media platforms serve well in hosting a constant window into the ongoing learning community that is present at our school.  We have constructed a transparent culture that puts our brand at the center. Students promote the culture and our philosophy by participating in the Media Studies program (recognized as a 2016 New York State English Council Program of Excellence), which embeds broadcasting and journalism curriculums into the student experience.  Curriculum success is demonstrated by the students’ production of our radio station (WMHS, The Tomahawk) and newspaper.  The Chief is an award-winning publication that appeals to readers both online and in print.

    Embedded in Massapequa culture is a loyalty for Chiefs past and present. With the shared community belief, Once A Chief, Always A Chief, some of our proudest moments are reflected when alumni and former staff return for Homecoming, our annual Holiday Winter Concert, Thanksgiving and other holidays, and graduation. Alumni classes return for building tours, to support current students in activities, and to speak with students at college and career fairs.  At our Holiday Winter Concert,  alumni join the overflowing crowd in the opportunity to sing the Hallelujah chorus for a perfect ending to our program.

    Massapequa High School has a vibrant pulse. Alive daily with school spirit, academics, the arts, athletics, and clubs. Our students and staff have a strong identity as a team participating in a dynamic school (ranked a Best Community for Music Education by the National Association of Music Merchants, a Top 500 High School in the Nation (Newsweek), a 2016 New York State Reward School, a 2016 US News & World Report America’s Best High School, consistently competing in county and state athletic championships, and sustaining ongoing service-orientated partnerships with community organizations).  There are opportunities for all students and staff to grow as people and to look beyond themselves in pursuit of influencing the greater world.  


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