Budget & Finance Committee

  • The Board of Education and school district establish committees to regularly review and provide input and feedback in a variety of areas.  Keep in mind that participation and membership in certain committees may be limited to specific members, require expertise in specific areas and/or require appointment by the Board. Please contact the District Clerk at (516) 308-5001 for information pertaining to each committee.

Statement of Purpose

  • Budget Finance Committee shall:

    • Review year end Treasurer's report and prior year budget appropriation adjustments between budget functions
    • Review monthly Treasurer's report and District reserves plan to gain an understanding of District finances.  Review fund balance projection report beginning in March
    • Review the proposed budget prior to public distribution and offer input to support and vote on the budget by consensus
    • Perform special projects as requested by the Board of Education:
      • Review 5 year capital improvement plan prepared by the District architect and assist in recommending project financing
      • If they exist, review revenue shortfalls
      • Assist in the development of the annual Budget Insight           
    • Hold monthly meetings from September-May, excluding December
    • Be a liaison to the community
    • Review educational/financial matters with District officials
    • If available, attend Budget workshops

2022-23 Committee Goals

Committee Minutes

Committee Members

  • Committee Chairs:

    Mrs. Kerry Wachter

    Mrs. Cher Lepre


    Mr. Ryan Ruf

    Mrs. Donna Passalacqua


    Sam Astrof

    Donna Healy

    Matthew Jahrsdoerfer

    Lori Verdone

    Ed Ellis

    Robert Renda

    Michael Mencarelli

    Nichloas Meyers

    Marguerite Ryan

    Patrick Valentino

    Richard Von Bargen

Meeting Dates

  • All meetings are held in the BOE room.

    Start time is 7:30 pm.

    2023-24 Meeting dates to be decided.