Driving Distractions

  • Driving Distractions

    By Samantha I.


    Many automobile accidents occur due to driving distractions. Such distractions as listening to radios, talking on cell phones, chatting with passengers, and being angry behind the wheel. All of those factors cause thousands of people each year to crash and sometimes that crash is fatal.


    For most people, the first thing after getting in the car and putting on their seatbelt is to tune in to a good song on the radio. For those music lovers, the radio is their number one distraction. While most drivers are behind the wheel and one of their favorite songs come on, things might get carried away. They start to belt out the words and get to into the song and take their attention off the road and into the song.


    Another dangerous driving distraction is the use of cell phones. Cell phone use behind the wheel is against the law for a reason. This is because people get to caught up in their conversations and they totally forget they are driving.


    Living in this “green” world it is very essential for people to carpool to keep this earth rotating. The downfall to this is that when a car is packed out with chatters, the driver is easily distracted. Having a full out conservation in the car with the maximum amount of passengers can get loud. The same risk applies as when talking on the cell phone. Every driver’s attitude is reflected on the road. If angry, it’s very important to keep the drama out of the car to ensure your full safety.


    Because teens do not have the experience of driving to an expert level, they cannot take risks. Any distraction could cause a fatal mistake. It is for the well-being of yourself as well for the well-being of the others driving around you, that you keep your full attention on the road and never let any distraction steer your mind elsewhere.


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