Drinking and Driving

  • The Effect of Drinking and Driving

    by Brianna B.

    Why is drunk driving a big deal anyway? There are such things as good drunks, right? If you can drive, can you drive drunk? Has anyone ever gotten hurt from a drunk driver? How would anyone know that you are drunk driving? Driving while intoxicated is a huge deal. Many people all around the world have gotten hurt or killed by “good drunks” people assume themselves to be. It is not true that you can drive well while intoxicated and people will know if you are driving under the influence of alcohol.

    The legal limit for driving under the influence is .08 (which is equivalent to 4 beers). When people drink and drive, their reaction time is much slower than when they are not intoxicated. The slower reaction time can lead to fatal emergencies (About). There are no such things as what people call “good drunks”. Each person who has been drinking cannot make the same decisions they are to make if they have not been drinking. These people who say they are “good drunks” can end up ending people’s lives or severely injuring people. Drunk driving is no joke. People have died. People have gotten injured.

    One night in 1999, 20-year old Jacqueline Saburido, and her friends were coming home from their friends’ birthday party. That same night, 18- year old Reggie Stephey, was driving home from a drinking party with a few friends of his. Reggie and his friends had been drinking that night and thought they were well enough to drive home. Reggie’s SUV had hit Jacqui and her friends and skidded along the road. Two of the passengers in Reggie’s car had died from the collision along with two of Jacqui’s friends. Unlikely to survive, Jacqui was pinned down on the front passenger seat and minutes later the car had caught on fire. Over 60% of Jacqui’s body had been burned in the fire and she had to go through over 50 operations (texasdwi). Jacqui is still alive today trying to get her life back together showing that not everyone who gets hit by a drunk driver dies. Here is a picture of what Jacqui had looked like before and after the accident:

    Jacqueline Saburido


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