• Results: October 17, 2023 Bond Referendum Vote:

    • Proposition 1: Improvements and Alterations to District Buildings
      • Yes: 834
      • No: 638
      • Result: PASS
    • Proposition 2: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Improvements
      • Yes: 919
      • No: 553
      • Result: PASS
    •  Proposition 3: Improvements and Alterations to Hawthorn School
      • Yes: 850
      • No: 615
      • Result: PASS

  • Bond

    Following an extensive review of its facilities, recommendations from the district’s architect and feedback from the district’s Buildings and Grounds and Budget and Finance committees, the Massapequa School District Board of Education adopted a bond resolution to renew and restore the district’s building facilities and infrastructure. With a total cost not to exceed $82.2 million, the proposed bond will be presented to the community as three propositions, and includes upgrades to all nine school buildings, as well as renovations to the Hawthorn property.

    “Throughout the years, the Massapequa community has consistently shown its support to our school system, allowing us to provide all Massapequa students a well-rounded and enriching educational experience,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Brennan said. “It is now time for us to invest in our school buildings. Through careful financial planning and feedback from district stakeholders, we believe this proposal allows us to address high-priority infrastructure needs at a minimal cost to residents.” 

    Voting will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 17, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Massapequa High School and Fairfield, Lockhart and McKenna elementary schools.


Bond Referendum Financial Facts

  • ♦  NYS provides Building Aid on all eligible projects at a current rate of 54.4% reimbursement.

    ♦  Propositions 2 & 3 will be budget neutral and no additional cost to Massapequa taxpayers.

    ♦  Proposition 1 is estimated to cost the average assessed home in Massapequa approximately $95 per year.


Bond Referendum Presentation

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Pre Bond Vote Construction Schedule

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