Grade 6-8 Technology Courses

  • Berner Middle School Technology

  • 6th Grade Robotics and Technology

  • 7th Grade Technology Education

Technology 6

  • 6th grade Technology is a half-semester course which introduces students to the Massapequa School District Technology STEM program.

    • Students learn basic skills and concepts such as measuring, coding, problem solving and communication skills.
    • In this hands-on, project-based course, students build and code Lego Robots and explore the Marble Drop Challenge.

Technology 7

  • In 7th grade, students have the opportunity to build upon their 6th grade experiences. In this hands-on, project based course, students:

    • Continue with the Lego Robotics program, building on prior knowledge and creating more advanced programs for their robots
    • Have the opportunity to explore a variety of woodworking projects, giving students an introduction to basic hand tools and the engineering and design process
    • Use an array of materials during the Boom project, an efficiency project, where students compete to build the strongest structure with limited materials
    • Build their own wind powered car from recycled materials

Technology 8

  • 8th grade is an exciting year in Technology Education for students! This project-based, hands-on course, exposes students to:

    • The world of STEM and provides a strong foundation for students to continue taking technology electives offered at Ames and MHS.
    • Use and build upon prior knowledge from 6th and 7th grade technology to design and construct Truss Bridges
    • Build and race Mag-Lev Vehicles
    • Assemble and craft air-powered Rockets
    • Program Robots
    • Make Wind Turbine blades