Grades 6-8 Health Courses

Health 6

  • Health 6 builds the foundation needed for the decision making skills that are embedded into the Health 7 curriculum.

    • As part of the “10 week wheel program”, 6th grade health students will cover topics such as communication, peer pressure, bullying, and time management through the introduction of common language and core concepts.
    • This class will prepare students to delve into more traditional health topics introduced in Health 7. Health 6 meets every other day for one quarter (10 weeks).

Health 7

  • Health Education is a vital part of every child's overall educational experience. Students learn to understand the importance of the decision-making process and mastering life skills.

    • All decisions have consequences and adolescents must learn (from parents, teachers and through practice) how to sharpen those skills so that decisions are made based upon what is best for their well-being and future.
    • In Health 7, students learn how to sharpen those skills by practicing them throughout the semester in all unit areas of the Health 7 curriculum. Health 7 meets every other day for the full year.