Grade 6-8 Art Courses

Art 6

  • Instruction is designed to create artists with fundamental skills to apply them to future artistic creations. Students will learn to create artworks based on:

    • The Principles of Art
      • Balance
      • Emphasis
      • Movement
      • Proportion
      • Rhythm
      • Unity
      • Variety
    • The Elements of Art
      • Color
      • Form
      • Line
      • Shape
      • Space
      • Texture
      • Value

Foundations of Art

  • Foundation of Arts students begin to apply the Principles and Elements of Art while developing their works through the Artistic Process, a unique combination of:

    • Vision
    • Creativity
    • Intuition
    • Collaboration balanced with craft
    • Technique
    • Accountability
    • Discipline
    • Use of time and resources

    Students begin assembling works for their portfolio while developing their artistic vision and style.

Applied Art

  • Applied Art students continue their development, creating more advanced works based on the Principles and Elements of Art while utilizing the Artistic Process. Students in Applied Art must have completed Foundations of Art prior to enrollment.