Grade 6-8 English Courses

English 6, 7 and 8

  • The middle school English curriculum follows the New York State's English Language Arts and Literacy Standards, which is a continuum for grades 6-8 designed to assist students in elevating their reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills. Throughout the middle school years, students learn to:

    • Read literature and interpret its layers of meaning.
    • Analyze the essential parts of text which include character and character motivation; theme development, motif, conflict and plot development; symbolism; and the importance of historical and cultural context in literature.
    • Identify with themselves as readers and set goals for successful reading habits and behaviors.
    • Learn the characteristics of four genres of writing: Expository, Literary Essay, Descriptive, Argument.
    • Read and analyze texts of various genres as well as complete tasks to demonstrate understanding.
    • Apply the characteristics of all types of writing in their original compositions.
    • Study both conventional English as well as figurative language devices.

    The expectation is that students will connect these language skills to both personal composition and literature interpretation.The embedded instruction of the mechanics and usage of conventional English are studied through students’ reading and writing. Text complexity and sophistication of language in writing increases through the middle school experience. The eighth grade program is the final year in this sequential study of literature, critical thinking, analytical writing, creative writing, and public speaking. It is intended to prepare students for high school, while maintaining the middle school philosophy.

English Exploratory

  • The goals of the English Exploratory 8 course are to help students:

    • Become more compelling storytellers
    • Express themselves more vividly through the use of digital multimedia.
      • Students will write, storyboard, animate and record their own original stories in narrative form through the use of Google Slides, WeVideo, and other programs.
      • Students will learn to edit audio and video multimedia as well as to create green-screen visual effects for their projects.
      • Students will become faster and more fluent in their use of Chromebooks and in their ability to integrate varied programs and technology.