Music Programs

  • BCME

Elementary Music Program

  • The comprehensive Music Education of the students begins in the Elementary Schools (K-6) with General Music.  In the primary years, students work on basic skills such as movement to a steady beat and use of singing voice.  The primary level concludes with 3rd grade recorder experiences and the selection of a musical instrument.  Instrumental instruction beginning in 4th grade, along with the opportunity to participate in Chorus, continues through 5th & 6th grades on a weekly basis.  The students also continue to have General Music every week.  

Middle School Music Program

  • Upon entering Berner Middle School, students select the musical experience they wish to continue with.  They can choose to continue in Band or Orchestra, continue or enter Chorus, or enroll in General Music.  Regardless of their choice, there are opportunities to participate in the Berner Middle School musical.  Students work on stage as a member of the Cast, Tech Crew, or on Stage Crew.  Each of these provides different experiences.

High School Music Program

  • Upon entering High School, students need one (1) credit in the Arts for graduation.  This can be fulfilled at AMES with Band, Chorus, Orchestra or Music in our Lives.  Students at AMES also have the opportunity to participate in the Massapequa High School Main Campus musical activities such as Jazz Ensemble, Annual Musical, etc.

    At the Massapequa High School Main Campus, students are encouraged to continue their musical studies.  Colleges like to see students have continued on with artistic passions.  Most schools look well beyond the academics of applicants to see what other skills and activities they can bring to a college campus.  Continuation in music is one predictor colleges use to assess a prospective student’s probability of success at the Collegiate level.


Vincent Green


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