Senior Awards List and Links to Application Forms

March 11, 2024 Deadline


    • Application Deadline for these specific applications: Monday, March 11, 2024 at 11:59PM
      These additional awards are being offered since the original listing.


    IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR ALL AWARDS:  Please read the directions before starting a Senior Award application


    ALL awards will require you to upload a "General Essay" in PDF or Google doc format.

    This can be an essay you have already completed for college applications or other scholarships.


    DO NOT BEGIN an application until you have this document ready to upload.

    Once started, you cannot save the application and you will be required to upload an essay in the last section before submitting it.


    Awards that state there is an "additional essay" have a sponsor specific essay prompt.

    Before beginning those applications, see the specific essay prompts below each award.


    Fallon Brown Memorial Scholarship

    Scholarship Criteria:  Unqua graduate, Student must have an IEP or be looking to pursue a career in Special Education.   Active members of Best Buddies are also encouraged to apply.  Student should discuss their personal experience with Special Education in the general essay uploaded to the application. 


    Massapequa Park Lions Club

    Scholarship Criteria:  Student who is committed to community service and volunteerism.  Service to the school and local community should be noted in the application. 


    Massapequa Road Runners Scholarship

    Scholarship Criteria: Athletes on MHS Track, Track and Field, and/or Cross-Country teams - Commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle - Service to others and the community


    Miss Judy Schlosser Memorial Scholarship

    Scholarship Criteria:  Unqua graduate who is considering becoming a teacher or a pre-school teacher.  


    The Supervisor John Venditto Memorial Scholarship

    Scholarship Criteria:  A graduating senior who expresses an interest in furthering their education with a concentration on either political science, law or government and who has performed some community service as well.