Schoology - Learning Management System (K-12)

  • After a comprehensive committee process last school year, we transitioned to Schoology as our new Learning Management System!

    All teachers have a Schoology Course. All courses have classroom updates, calendars, and materials. In addition, students may be asked to join Schoology Groups. (Examples of Groups may include athletics, clubs, etc.)

    Student Sign-in: The Clever Portal  OR:

    Students log-in through the Clever Portal, then log-in with their Google Account  

    Please note, parents/guardians can create an optional view-only parent account by using the directions and access codes that are located on the Parent Portal website (not the Parent Portal App) > Student Portfolio link/page. If parents/guardians need support, we ask that you please call your school and ask to speak with the Computer TA.

    Parent Sign-in: 

Student/Parent Introduction to Schoology - Screencast

Parent FAQs

  • Q: When following the "MSD Parent Steps to Create a Schoology Account" directions, I do not see the access codes on the Parent Portal > Student Portfolio page.

         A: Please make sure you are using the web-based Parent Portal website and not the app. If you are still having issues, please email

    Q: I have questions about Schoology Courses and/or Groups. Who should I contact?

        A: If you have questions about the content on a Schoology Course or Group, please contact the teacher. If you have general questions or questions about setting up your parent account, please call your school or complete your school contact form and ask to speak with the Computer TA. Our Computer TAs will support you! 

    Q: I am not able to view all of my child's courses. What is the problem?

         A: First, use the drop-down on the top-right to select your child's account. Please click on the Massapequa Logo (Top Left), then click on the word "enrollments". That will display all courses.

    Q: I am receiving a "Schoology Learning is not available - Please try again later" error when attempting to sign-in. What is the issue?

         A: It is most likely that you are not using the correct website/URL. Students use:  and Parents use: 

    Q: I am trying to join a school Group with my parent account. What are the steps?

         A: Parents do not have the ability to join Groups. Their child has to join the Group, then the parent will be able to view the Group in their parent account.

    Q: Will there be parent training?

        A: At this time, we ask that you please use the resources located on this webpage. If you need additional support, we invite you to contact your home building and ask to speak with the Computer TA! We will be sending out a parent survey in the near future, which will include a question about interest in a Schoology parent training night.