NYSED Launches Parent Data Dashboard

  • The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has developed a Parent Dashboard to increase transparency and make information about school performance and other school-level data easier for parents and the public to access. In 2019, NYSED gathered feedback from parents and stakeholders to guide the work of developing the Parent Data Dashboard and those elements that parents ranked highest on the survey are now available.

    The Parent Data Dashboard is part of New York’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan, which emphasizes equity in education for all students and expands measures of school accountability and student success. Along with the New York State School Report Card on NYSED’s public data site, this new dashboard will provide parents with information not only about their child’s school, but about all public schools in New York Sate, including charter schools.

    Please visit the NYSED Parent Data Dashboard, which includes frequently asked questions and contact information.

    NYSED Parent Data Dashboard

    In addition, NYSED is now gathering additional feedback from parents and stakeholders to guide further enhancements to the Parent Data Dashboard. NYSED invites parents and other stakeholders to explore the dashboard and then provide feedback via an online survey. NYSED will use this feedback to identify the data that is most useful to parents and the public and to make improvements to the website.

    NYSED Parent Dashboard Survey

NYSED Parent Data Dashboard