Gizmos - Explore Learning (6-12)

  • "Gizmos are interactive science simulations."

    The Clever Portal

    Students log-in through the Clever Portal (Effective August 30, 2021)

    • To access Gizmos you must log in through your CLEVER PORTAL by clicking the Gizmos icon - you can no longer sign in through the Gizmos site.
    • Your classes are automatically populated into your account - you no longer need to add your teacher-provided class code.
    • Each time you log in, you will select the class you need to access from the menu of Classes You Are Enrolled In - if there are any classes missing, please inform your teacher.

    IMPORTANT: If you receive an INACTIVE ACCOUNT ERROR, please inform your teacher - until your teacher logs into Gizmos, your student account will not be active.