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  • Dear Parent(s)/Guardian of 3rd Grade Students,                                                                                May 2021

    Your child will become eligible for participation in the Massapequa Instrumental Music Program upon completion of the third grade.  We strongly recommend that all students who show potential and interest should enroll in this program.

    The orchestra and band teachers will be meeting with each child on an individual basis prior to the week of June 10th.  They will discuss whether your child wishes to be to be in orchestra or band and make their professional recommendation for an instrument that would be best suited for your child.  Children will be given the opportunity to try different instruments on that day.  A “Frequently Asked Questions” flyer is attached for your information.

    There will be a virtual informational meeting for parents of beginner students on Tuesday, June 15th at MassapequaArts.us.  School-specific times will be sent via parent email. The Instrumental Music Program will be explained and there will be an online form for parents to submit building-specific questions directly to their school’s instrumental music staff.

    We look forward to seeing your child take part in this exciting musical adventure.


    Vincent Green and The Massapequa Band and Orchestra Staff

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