Students and parents should review the courses now in progress, read the course descriptions in this booklet and plan next year’s program. During the year, guidance counselors will meet with each student individually to plan next year’s program. Students are encouraged to discuss a course with teachers who will explain the courses in their departments. Students and parents are encouraged to talk with the guidance counselor either by telephone or calling for an appointment.

    Students and parents should plan carefully a program for the following year. Each student enrolled in high school must take a minimum of six (6) full periods of instruction plus physical education each semester. School district policy does not permit a student to drop or add a course or change a course unless ample educational reasons are presented. Any and all requests to drop classes and/ or request for class changes must have administrative approval and must adhere to the deadlines as outlined under “Request for Change of Schedule or Program” (see page 4). All students will be assigned a lunch period. Students and parents should meet with counselors to review programs. Deadlines for finalizing programs and procedures for changing selections will be announced to students and parents. Students and parents should be aware that classes are formed based upon the number of students who sign up for a subject; therefore, students are not free to change at will from one subject to another.



    At the high school level, students who seek Advanced Academic Study opportunities receive information concerning unique pro- grams and activities inside and outside the framework of the school day. The main thrust is in the accelerated, Pre-AP, Advanced Placement courses, SCALE Program courses and College-Level courses in which they are enrolled; however, summer courses, college campus-based courses, Saturday programs and other similar activities will be explored as the individual need arises.

    Students seeking to obtain academic credit for coursework completed outside of Massapequa High School (e.g. NYS Summer School for the Arts), must obtain approval from the school principal prior to enrollment in any coursework.

    Academic credit will only be awarded for pre-approved coursework successfully completed at an accredited college/university (e.g. Nassau Community College, SUNY Stonybrook) or a summer program approved by the New York State Board of Regents (e.g. NYS Summer Academy of the Arts). All interested students should seek out the assistance of their guidance counselor prior to enrolling in such coursework/programs.

    Any academic credit awarded is considered elective credit and may not be used to fulfill any core academic coursework required to obtain a high school diploma.



    All courses unless otherwise stated carry Regents credit or elective credits upon successful completion. The transcripts of students sent to colleges, employers and the armed forces always include the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year grades, as well as the grades from any accelerated courses completed in eighth grade. Courses in all departments must be chosen in sequence. See individual department offerings for further information.




    Student programming and subject selections will begin in January and continue through February.  Students and parents are urged to investigate courses, subjects and future plans thoroughly so that schedule changes are unnecessary.

    The following policy is required in order to maximize our capability to plan an efficient program. Students’ requests for change of schedule and requests to drop or add classes must be kept at a minimum. We, therefore, ask that parents and students carefully plan their programs in accordance with the following:

    • The Organization of Classes-Grades 10-12 (MHS), Grade 9 (AMES)
      Classes listed in the Course Content Booklet for the 2022-2023 school year will be formed and organized on the basis of information received from students and parents during the scheduling process. Classes normally will be organized only if students indicate that they wish to enroll in a course on their program request forms by that date. Counselors will advise students in the event that a course selected does not have the required enrollment and the students will be afforded an opportunity to select an alternative course.

    • Requests for Early Release Schedules - Massapequa High School - Main Campus only:
      It is understood that students may choose to be employed part time while enrolled in a full-time high school program. However, the student’s FIRST obligation is to the school program. Requests for approval of early dismissal programs for reasons of employment are subject to review by administration. Proof of employment and/or other documentation may be needed.

    • Request of Change of Schedule or Program
      No changes will be considered without parental approval. After the start of the school year, change of course requests for either adding or dropping a course will not be considered unless the student presents ample educational reasons for the requested change. Parents must have a discussion with the teacher before the process of review may begin.
      • If a student has an approved course drop after the first 5 weeks in a SEMESTER course, a “W” (Withdrawn) will be recorded as a final average on both the current report card and the student’s official transcript.

      • If a student has an approved course drop after the first marking period (10 weeks) in any SEMESTER course, a “WF” (Withdrawn-Failing) or a “WP” (Withdrawn-Passing) will be recorded on the student’s current report card and the student’s official transcript.

      • If a student has an approved course drop after the first marking period (10 weeks) in a FULL YEAR course*, a “W” (Withdrawn) will be recorded as a final average on both the current report card and the student’s official transcript.

      • If a student has an approved course drop in a FULL YEAR course* after the first 15 weeks (2nd mid-quarter appraisal), a “WF” (Withdrawn-Failing) or a “WP”” (Withdrawn-Passing) will be recorded as a final average on both the current report card and the student’s official transcript.

      • EXCEPTION - any course drop that is considered to be a “Track” or “Level” change (i.e. Accelerated to Regents).  NOTE - No track changes will be approved after the conclusion of the first semester.

    • Early Graduation
      In accordance with the New York State Regents Action Plan requirements, students may request to accelerate and finish their high school careers at an earlier date. Any student contemplating early graduation should consult with their guidance counselor for additional information.




    An elective is a course chosen by students which may be applied toward the diploma requirements. Electives may be taken in a variety of academic subject areas.

    Some courses have prerequisites listed with the course description. A prerequisite means a previous course is required before you may enroll. It is advised that students set for themselves a minimum grade of 70 or better to enroll in a sequential course. Experience has shown that students who do not receive a minimum grade of 70 in a first level course, have difficulty experiencing success in advanced level courses.