Extracurricular Clubs

    A wide range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities are offered at Massapequa High School and the Ames Campus. Activities have been formulated to provide students opportunities to nurture their unique interests and talents: share experiences with classmates who have similar interests; promote personal growth, contribute to their social maturity, promote school spirit and foster both individual and team achievement. All students who meet the academic eligibility standard to participate in extracurricular activities are encouraged to participate in one or more of the activities listed below. All clubs are held at MHS- Main Campus unless otherwise noted.

    Active Minds (Ames)

    Italian Club

    American Sign Language Club

    Jazz Ensemble

    Art Association

    Key Club International

    Art Mural Club (Ames)

    Knitting Club

    Arts & Literary Magazine - “Visions”

    Library 3D Printing and Drawing Club (Ames)

    Best Buddies (Ames/MHS)

    Marine Science Club

    Book Club 


    Broadcasting Station - “WMHS” 

    Mock Trial Team      

    Car Care Club 

    Model U.N.


    Multicultural Club (Ames) 

    Chamber Orchestra (Grades 9-12)

    National Art Honor Society 

    Chess Club (Ames/MHS)

    National History Day Club (Ames)


    National Honor Society  

    Chiefs C.A.R.E Club 

    National Junior Honor Society (Ames)

    Chiefs’ Challenge (Ames/MHS)

    Newspaper - “The Chief” 

    Chinese Club

    Newspaper - “The Little Chief” (Ames) 

    Class of 2021 (Seniors) 

    Peer AIDS Educators 

    Class of 2022 (Juniors) 

    Popporazzi (Grades 9-12)

    Class of 2023 (Sophomores) 

    Robotics Club 

    Class of 2024 (Freshman) (Ames)

    School Store “Wig Wam Trading Post” (Ames)



    Drama Club

    Science/Outdoor Club (Ames) 

    Electronic Gaming Club (EGC)

    Science Olympiad 

    Film Club (Ames)

    Science Research Club 

    Fitbuds Fitness Club (Ames)

    Senior Nation 

    Forensic Science Club 

    Spanish Club 

    French Club

    Tech & Stage Crew 

    Gay Straight Alliance 

    Thespian National Honor Society 

    General Organization (Student Government)

    Tri-M Music Society 

    German Club

    Yearbook - “Sachem” 

    Helping Hands (Ames) 



    Academic Standards to Determine Student Eligibility to Participate in Extracurricular Activities 

    The Board of Education has the statutory authority to establish reasonable academic standards as a prerequisite for eligibility for extracurricular activities. 

    It is the policy of the district to provide students with an opportunity to develop their own interests and to work cooperatively in groups through the sponsorship of a variety of extracurricular activities. While participation in these activities is desirable, it is also important that students maintain an acceptable level of academic performance and behavior. The eligibility requirements discussed in this policy have been established toward that end. For the purpose of this policy, extracurricular activity is defined as participation in any non-credit bearing club, organization, athletic team, or performing group. This policy applies to all students grades 9-12.

    Grades and Eligibility: 
    A student must maintain a 70 Grade Point Average and cannot be failing two or more subjects. Any student who has a Grade Point Average under 70 or is failing two or more subjects, will be placed on Academic Probation.

    Information concerning failing subjects will be determined by report card grades and mid-quarter appraisals. All coaches and advisors will receive a list of students who are placed on academic probation for their particular sport, club, or activity. 

    A mark of “incomplete” or “no credit” in any subject will count as a failure. This includes Physical Education. All subjects have equal status in determining eligibility status. Probationary or ineligible status will commence on the day following distribution of report cards or mid-quarter appraisals. 

    Student Responsibilities:
    It is the student’s responsibility to meet the standards of academic eligibility. A letter will be sent home to parents detailing the policy and the student’s responsibilities. The student must be passing all courses at the next mid-quarter appraisal or meet the eligibility criteria at the next report card to be eligible to participate. During the period of probation, the student can practice with the group but cannot participate in any scheduled games, scrimmages or scheduled events. The student must attend extra help classes during the probationary period. 

    Fall Eligibility Criteria:
    Final averages for the year will be used to determine eligibility for extracurricular activities the following Fall. Successful completion of summer school courses will satisfy eligibility shortcomings provided all other eligibility requirements are met. 

    Full day attendance is expected. A student must be signed into school by the end of his/her first period class to be eligible to participate in any practice, game, scrimmage, or performance that day. If a student is absent from school or has not signed into school before his/her first period class, he/she will not be permitted to participate in a practice, game, scrimmage, or performance that day.

    Student athletes including cheerleaders, kickline, and ice hockey team members who are unprepared or who do not participate in regularly scheduled physical education class may not participate in an after school game, scrimmage or competition. 

    Student athletes including cheerleaders, kickline, and ice hockey team members who consistently sign in late or are consistently absent from school may be dropped from their respective activities. 

    Any student athlete who receives an in-school suspension or out of school suspension will not be permitted to compete in practices, scrimmages, games or performances occurring during the period of suspension. A suitable penalty for all activities outside of athletics will be determined by a building administrator or advisor. For purposes of this policy, the period of suspension begins from the time the student is notified that (s)he is suspended. 

    Extenuating Circumstances: 
    In the event of serious, extenuating circumstances, the particulars of the situation will be brought to the attention of the building administrators or the Athletic Director who will make a determination in an individual student’s case if the circumstance warrants a modification of the above requirements. The Superintendent must be notified in writing by the building administrator or Athletic Director of any student who is granted a modification of this policy along with the reason(s) for such modification.