All high school and middle school students are eligible for Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, and Principal’s Honor Roll each marking quarter. All courses, except Physical Education and courses graded Pass/Fail are included in determining the grade point average. A student may not have any failing grades, nor incompletes.

    The following are the required cumulative grade point averages a student must earn.

    • Honor Roll = minimum GPA 84.5
    • High Honor Roll = minimum GPA 89.5
    • Principal’s Honor Roll = minimum GPA 94.5

    Information concerning failing subjects will be determined by report card grades and mid-quarter appraisals. All coaches and advisors will receive a list of students who are placed on academic probation for their particular sport, club, or activity. 


    Subjects to be Weighted for Honor Roll 

    All subjects completed in grades 9 through 11 (except Physical Education and courses graded Pass/Fail) and accelerated subjects taken in grade 8 will be used for the purpose of determining the valedictorian and salutatorian at graduation exercises. No other calculations or ranking shall be identified or maintained by the district.

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be given an addition of 5 points. Pre-Advanced Placement and College Level courses (contain the term "college" in the course title) will be given an addition of 3 points. Note: all subjects designated Accelerated (ACC), except Pre-Calculus AB Accelerated and Pre-Calculus BC Accelerated, are NOT weighted.   

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses:  Course Quarterly GPA = Quarter Grade + additional 5 points

    • English:  Language and Composition (AP), Literature and Composition (AP), Capstone Seminar (AP), Capstone Research (AP)
    • Fine Arts:  Art and Design (AP)
    • Math:  Pre-Calculus/Calculus AB (AP), Calculus AB (AP), Calculus BC (AP), Statistics (AP), Computer Science A (AP), Computer Science Principals (AP)
    • Science:  Physics 1 (AP), Physics 2 (AP), Physics C (AP), Chemistry (AP), Biology (AP), Environmental Science (AP)
    • Social Studies:  U.S. Government (AP), Comparative Government (AP), Macroeconomics (AP), Microeconomics (AP), Human Geography (AP), World History (AP), U.S. History (AP), European History (AP)
    • World Language:  Mandarin 13 (AP), French 13 (AP), German 13 (AP), Spanish 13 (AP)

    Pre-Advanced Placement courses:  Course Quarterly GPA = Quarter Grade + additional 3 points

    • English:  English 9 Pre-AP, English 10 Pre-AP
    • Math:  Pre-Calculus AB Accelerated, Pre-Calculus BC Accelerated
    • Social Studies:  Social Studies 9 Pre-AP (World History), 

    College-Level Courses:  Course Quarterly GPA = Quarter Grade + additional 3 points

    • LIU/Post/High School Scholars (SCALE) Program
      • College Anatomy and Physiology
      • College Criminal Justice
      • College Composition
      • College Film Media
      • College Forensic Technology
      • College Music History in Western Civilization
      • College Psychology
      • College Public Speaking

    • Stony Brook University College
      • College Oceanography

    • SUNY Farmingdale
      • College Business Law
      • College Computer Aided Design 2
      • College Computer Aided Design 3
      • College Digital Photography
      • College Introduction to Business
      • College Marketing Principles
      • College Principles of Engineering
      • College Robotics
      • College Virtual Enterprise

    • Hofstra University
      • College Engineering Methods

    • St. John’s University
      • College Accounting
      • College American Sign Language
      • College Chinese
      • College Economics
      • College European History (AP European History)
      • College French
      • College German
      • College Government
      • College Italian
      • College Spanish
      • College Statistics

    • Molloy College
      • College Algebra and Trigonometry
      • College Calculus
      • College Pre-Calculus
      • College Sociology

    • Adelphi University
      • College Introduction to Sports Medicine

    • SUNY Oneonta
      • College Children in Families

    • SUNY Cobleskill
      • College Art of Baking
      • College Creative Food Prep

    • Nassau Community College
      • Music Theory