Health Education:  .5 Credit, Ames/MHS; Required for Graduation
    This course combines physical, mental, emotional, and social health and how this combination of areas contributes to overall wellness and longevity. The enjoyment of a full and productive life, free from disease, depends on the individual’s state of health within their particular environment. Students will learn how to make responsible, intelligent decisions and how to resist peer pressure when it relates to substance abuse, relationships, and other health-related issues they may face on a daily basis. They will also develop an appreciation for their role within their family, community, and in society at large. The state required HIV/AIDS and Parenting units are incorporated into the Family Life unit of study within the framework of this class. In addition to Health 9 offered at the Ames Campus, this course will be offered at MHS for new students, and students whose schedules would not permit them to take the course in 9th grade. Health Education is a prerequisite for taking the other three health electives.

    College Introduction to Health Professions:  1 Credit, MHS; Optional 3 College Credits, LIU
    Prerequisite: Health Education  
    One of the fastest growing employment areas for the future is in the health care industry. Due to changes in demographics, new medical technology and the ever-changing methods of treatment, our society will need trained professionals with the appropriate skills to fill these positions. The course is designed to offer an overview of all health-related professions. 

    Interpersonal Relationships:  .5 Credit, MHS
    Grade 11 and 12 students only; Prerequisite: Health Education  

    This course is a comprehensive study of human sexuality and its implications in a healthy lifestyle. Students will gain a greater insight of topics such as; media influence, gender roles, and reproductive health. Students will learn through a combination of student-centered tasks, open discussion, and project-based assessments. Interpersonal relationships and family living will also be an integral part of the curriculum. 

    Go Green-Environmental Health:  .5 Credit, MHS
    Prerequisite: Health Education  

    This newly created, Go Green-Environmental Health Education elective, will strive to promote environmental responsibility for students individually, as well as within their school community. Students will focus on implementing practices consistent with sustainable living. Conservation of resources, waste reduction, recycling and increased reliance on renewable energy will be the core components of this class.  Students will engage in hands-on experiences with potential lifelong careers and/or hobbies in gardening, aquaponics and hydroponics.  The holistic approach of becoming socially, emotionally and mentally balanced through alignment with our ecosystem, will be the primary goal of this health course. 

    • Gardening for life as a hobby, therapy or a career
    • Outside activities that will last a lifetime

    • Greenhouse, aquaponics, hydroponics
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle
    • Emotional, social and mental wellness through eco-friendly living
    • Educating students about decision making and building proper stress reducing activities
    • Need for more students to play an active role in the environment