Social Studies 10 Regents - Global History and Geography:  1 Credit, MHS
    This course is required for sophomores to meet the requirement of 10th grade Global History and Geography credit. It begins with a review of global concepts from grade nine and continues with a unit on “The Age of Absolutism” and culminates with “Modern Times”. In addition to the basic textbook, students are given opportunities to read primary sources and react to historical interpretations. Students are required to take the Global History and Geography Regents in June after completing the course. Taking, and passing, the Global History and Geography Regents examination is a requirement for graduation. 

    AP - World History:  1 Credit, MHS
    This is an advanced level course in World History. The course meets the requirement for the 10th grade Global History and Geography credit. The focus of the course is an historical study of World History in which college texts and supplemental readings are used. Students will examine primary and secondary sources, as well as conflicting interpretations of history. Assignments and assessments will be on a rigorous college level, evaluating the historical changes in all aspects of human society in various chronological eras. Students are encouraged to read critically and analytically from various interpretations of World History as they apply historical thinking skills when evaluating historical concepts and content. Students will be required to take the AP World History exam in May and the Global History and Geography Regents exam in June. Failure to complete all course requirements, including participation in all AP exams, will result in the loss of AP course designation on a student’s transcript and AP weighting will NOT be applied.