English 10 Regents:  1 Credit, MHS
    Students will explore and understand universal themes, patterns, and controversies throughout literature. Learning opportunities will be centered on relevant historical and contemporary social issues. Students will recognize and understand the significance of a wide range of literary elements and techniques used to enhance various modes of writing, including, but not limited to expository, narrative, and argumentation. A variety of modern songs, poems, short stories, news articles, and student choice independent reading, designed to motivate and foster understanding of the curriculum, will be incorporated.

    English 10 Pre-AP:  1 Credit, MHS
    What is persuasive rhetoric? Where and how is it used? How do close readings of fiction and informational texts enhance one’s ability to think and write critically? The 10 Pre-AP course benefits students who are developing a passion for English Language Arts and are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills at an accelerated level. This course offers a study of classic literature and informational texts, with an approach that also analyzes language for meaning. Students will also develop formal research skills, as well as refine their ability to write arguments in preparation for the 11AP exam.

    AP Capstone Seminar:  1 Credit, MHS
    This foundational course provides students with opportunities to think critically and creatively, research, explore, pose solutions, develop arguments, collaborate and communicate using various media.  Students explore real-world issues through a cross-curricular lens and consider multiple points of view to develop a deep understanding of complex issues as they make connections between these issues and their own lives. This course is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, and upon successful completion of the course, students will be awarded AP Credit and are qualified to take the AP Research course. Students who earn scores of three or higher in AP Capstone Seminar, AP Capstone Research, and four other AP courses will be awarded with AP Capstone Diploma from College Board.  Failure to complete all course requirements, including participation in all AP exams, will result in the loss of AP course designation on a student’s transcript and AP weighting will NOT be applied.