English 9 Regents:  1 Credit, Ames
    Students will engage in an exciting, dynamic study of world literature and its connections to contemporary society.  This literacy rich environment will support student growth through active reading skills, critical thinking routines, and differentiated strategies to reach all learners. By focusing on student-centered activities, adolescents will develop independence and confidence in their abilities as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.

    English 9 Pre-AP:  1 Credit, Ames
    In the Pre-AP English classroom, texts take center stage by inspiring and preparing all students for close, critical reading and analytical writing. In order to prepare Pre-AP students for college-level curriculum, teachers engage students in a variety of analytical strategies, higher level texts from multiple genres, opportunities for dialogue and discussion, and critical perspectives regarding current issues. The course also teaches writers to focus on crafting complex sentences by building foundational skills that lead to more sophisticated, longer-form analyses. This course is designed to make the demands of the AP English courses accessible to as many students as possible.