English 9 Regents:  1 Credit, Ames
    Students will engage in an exciting, dynamic study of world literature and its connections to contemporary society.  This literacy rich environment will support student growth through active reading skills, critical thinking routines, and differentiated strategies to reach all learners. By focusing on student-centered activities, adolescents will develop independence and confidence in their abilities as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners.

    English 9 Pre-AP:  1 Credit, Ames
    This rigorous course, consisting of challenging reading and writing assignments, is designed for students who have a passion for both reading and writing and want to explore the vast world of literature. Students will express themselves critically and creatively through the written and spoken word. This course will explore the depths of ancient texts, as well as contemporary texts by analyzing and thematically connecting them to real-world issues. Critical and creative thought will enable students to dramatize their assigned texts as well as their own original works.