The Physical Education program is a required subject area that makes an integral contribution to the entire educational process. It is based upon the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. Every student is required to obtain 2 credits of Physical Education in order to graduate.

    • Grade 9:  Semester 1 (.25 Credit) / Semester 2 (.25 Credit), Ames

    • Grade 10: Semester 1 - Personal Fitness and Wellness Component (.25 Credit) / Semester 2 (.25 Credit), MHS
      Personal fitness and wellness has been a focus of study that has been well established during the past thirty years. It is a balance between physical fitness, lifetime activities, disease prevention, stress management, nutrition and safety. The Personal Fitness and Wellness course is designed to incorporate classroom instruction and laboratory activities to reinforce cognitive concepts of exercise science and physiology. It will include a written record of the students' own personal fitness and physical education activities. The program emphasizes individual personalities and attitudes to actively involve students in their learning experience. The cumulative goal for this course is that all students understand that they can be active, healthy and physically literate.

      The course will provide the opportunity for each student to develop knowledge and patterns of physical activity consistent with lifelong maintenance of overall health. Students will learn to monitor and assess their fitness level, design their own personal fitness program and maintain a desired level of fitness. This course will motivate students to understand the concepts of health-related fitness and the importance of one's health and fitness. 

    • Grade 11:  Semester 1 (.25 Credit) / Semester 2 (.25 Credit), MHS

    • Grade 12:  Semester 1 (.25 Credit) / Semester 2 (.25 Credit), MHS

    • Physical Education Leadership:  Full Year, Alternate Day (.5 Credit), MHS
      Students in this course will, in addition to the regular physical education curriculum, be involved  in a variety of workshops, initiatives and events to raise awareness of critical academic, athletic and social issues in today’s society.  Participants will develop valuable leadership skills and create a connection with other student groups (ie: elementary and middle school students) in the Massapequa community.  This course aims to provide a platform to create meaningful positive change throughout the Massapequa School District.  Note: this course is for students in Grade 12 only and will take the place of their regular grade 12 physical education course. 

      • Prerequisites:
        • Recommendation from Physical Education staff
        • Completion of PE Leadership application form
        • Final average of 90 or above in Semester 1 and Semester 2 physical education courses of previous school year
        • Average of 90 or above in Quarter 1 of physical education course of current school year



    College Introduction to Sports Medicine: .5 Credit, optional 3 College Credits, Adelphi University
    This full year, alternate day course will introduce the scope of sports medicine and all the related professions associated with this field of study. Applications of theoretical concepts in anatomy, physiology and exercise science will be the focus of this program. Students will learn about the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of athletic injury and illness and will be provided the opportunity to acquire field experience hours within a local professional setting. Certification for CPR/AED and First Aid will be made available to all students. 

    This rigorous and relevant course has been approved for three college credits through Adelphi University and will be offered to the students participating in this class. Review of literature in sports medicine, exercise science, conditioning and training, injuries, nutrition and weight control is essential. Applicable to students pursuing a career or further study in physical education, pre-med, physical therapy, nursing, exercise science and coaching.

    Prerequisites: Students must have received an 80 average or higher in both Regents Living Environment and in the Physical Education Personal Fitness and Wellness Course. Grade 11 and 12 students only 




    Activities or modification of activities will be selected from the following categories:

    • Team Passing Sports:  basketball, field hockey, floor hockey, football, lacrosse, speedball, soccer, team handball and ultimate Frisbee
    • Net/Wall Sports:  badminton, handball, paddleball, pickleball, tennis, volleyball
    • Striking/Fielding Sports:  baseball, softball
    • Target Sports:  archery, bowling, golf, frisbee golf
    • Dance:  aerobic, square; Gymnastics/Tumbling
    • Personal Performance Activities:  circuit training, physical fitness and conditioning, karate, self-defense, project adventure activities, weight training; pilates rings; physioball; kettlebell; fitness bands and fitness bars; track and field; recreational and lawn game activities

    Grading and Evaluation
    Physical Education is a semester course. Each student will receive a grade for the first and the second quarter. The cumulative average of the two quarters will result in the semester grade. If a student fails for the semester, then that student must repeat the entire semester to receive credit. Assessment and evaluation based on learning outcomes and standards is an integral component of the physical education program. Evaluation will include end of the unit performance tasks, formative assessments of skills, knowledge and attitudes, preparedness, participation and attendance. Any student who is unprepared for class shall not be allowed to participate in any activity. Participation is required and will be defined as “being actively and cooperatively engaged in the activity.” Students are required to attend all scheduled physical education classes to receive credit. Student athletes who do not participate in the regularly scheduled physical education class may not participate in an after school event that specific day. All students are required to complete the Physical Best Fitnessgram Assessment during the first and fourth quarters.

    Make-up Classes
    Students will be afforded the opportunity to make-up any legal absences and legal excuses from class. The make-up class will be arranged in advance between the student and teacher and only during the activity in which the legal excuse occurred. Students may only make-up one class per day. Teachers will inform the students of their scheduled after school make-up day at the beginning of the first marking period. The students can make up a class with their teacher of record on the assigned make-up day or with the teacher of record during the student’s free period that coincides with the teacher’s teaching schedule. In the event of a conflict the student with prior approval may attend any after school make-up session with the assigned teacher of the day. Any classes that are not made up will result in a zero grade for that day. Students who have illegal absences, illegal excuses and cuts will not be permitted to make up any classes. 

    PEX Program
    Students who will be medically excused from physical education class will be assigned a study hall during their regularly scheduled class. These students are required to attend PEX study hall and complete PEX assigned written work in order to receive credit for their physical education class. The students are responsible for obtaining the assignments and pass code from their physical education teacher. All work will be downloaded from the District Physical Education website and returned to the teacher of record by the assigned due date. A doctor’s note is required at the onset of the illness or injury which will be accepted by the nurse’s office as valid. Teachers will then be notified by the nurse’s office of the PEX assignment. The physical education teacher will assign a PEX study hall and notify the PEX study hall teacher of the duration of this assignment. 

    Students with a temporary disability will be excused from participation after presenting a note from their parent or guardian and will be required to physically make-up the class or classes. A doctor’s note is required for non-participation over a one-week period of time with the specific duration of exemption indicated by the doctor. At this point, the student will be required to complete the assigned PEX work. In the event a return date or the duration of non-participation is not provided, the student will report to the assigned study hall until further notification by the nurse.

    Lockers and Security
    All students are provided with a lock and locker assignment. Students may not share lockers and will receive an un-prepared for each class that this condition exists. It is the responsibility of each student to lock up his/her locker during the class period. The Physical Education Department will not be responsible for any items left in an unlocked locker or out on the floor. Personal items found can be picked up before or after school in the chairperson’s office.

    Jewelry/Cell Phone
    All jewelry and cell phones are prohibited and must be removed and securely stored away before participating in any activity to ensure each student’s safety.