• Prepare students for family and work life

    • Allow student to explore careers in areas such as culinary arts and education

    • Provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed to make the transition to the world of work and college

    Family and Consumer Science Courses Video


    Food and Nutrition (Fall) and Food for Fitness (Spring):  .5 Credit/.5 Credit, MHS

    • Food and Nutrition (Fall) - Want to keep up with the latest food trends?  Want to learn how to cook healthy foods and snacks?  In this class you will get to use popular cooking equipment, such as air fryers, to modify traditional recipes. Cooking labs will focus on the six major nutrients and the importance of including them in your diet.  You will also learn basic cooking skills and knife skills to prepare a variety of foods.
    • Food for Fitness (Spring) - Want to take charge of your health?  Want to learn how to eat for various diets and lifestyles?   In this class you will learn how to connect food to your health and fitness goals.  Participate in cooking labs to prepare healthy versions of your favorite foods and snacks, compete in cooking challenges, and make healthy foods that taste great!

    Cooking for Today (Fall) and International Cooking (Spring):  .5 Credit/.5 Credit, MHS   

    • Cooking for Today (Fall) - Do you enjoy watching cooking shows? Ever want to learn how to cook like they do on TV? In this course you will learn the basics of culinary arts to become proficient in the kitchen. You will learn to prepare a variety of recipes including appetizers, entrees, and desserts utilizing a variety of cooking techniques. Then put your cooking skills to the test by competing in the class Chopped Challenge.
    • International Cooking (Spring) - Utilize your knowledge from Cooking for Today to explore and prepare foods and desserts from regions across the United States and around the world. All recipes will be prepared from scratch giving you a basic understanding of cooking and baking. A variety of recipes will be prepared, including empanadas from Central America, pizza from Italy, wontons from Asia, and various desserts from around the world.

    Parenting and Child Development (Fall) and Child Study (Spring):  .5 Credit/.5 Credit, MHS   

    • Parenting and Child Development (Fall) - Future psychologists, pediatricians, nurses, counselors, educators, and parents: Parenting and Child Development is a perfect fit for you! This course is valuable in developing a portfolio of materials for college program acceptance and/or career advancement. The curriculum provides an in-depth study of childhood, preparing you to mentor, care and teach the children that attend our spring semester of the Child Study Preschool. Spending a weekend caring for our simulated baby allows you to acquire parenting skills and realistic expectations of children’s needs. This is a fun and interesting class that not only teaches you about various career choices but also about life, your family and future. Prerequisite to spring semester “Child Study.”
    • Child Study (Spring) - Would you love a class where you get to play? Would you like an opportunity to work with young children? In our Child Study course, you will work as an “Assistant Teacher” with 3-5 year-old children in our preschool. You will work in groups to write detailed lesson plans and design activities for a full preschool day of teaching! Lessons will incorporate art, music, science, reading, numbers, and games. What you learn about education in here can transfer to all ages, and age groups, as well as psychology and parenting. We will explore career opportunities for working with children besides education, and develop strong skills needed for success in any workplace in which children are the focus. For those who plan to pursue a career in these related fields, this course will be valuable in developing a portfolio of materials for college program acceptance and/or career advancement. Upon successful completion of this course, students may be considered for a Child Study or Elementary Internship Program their senior year.  Prerequisite:  Parenting and Child Development


    The Family and Consumer Science Department at Massapequa High School is offering 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to earn college level credits through SUNY Oneonta and 10th, 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to earn college level credits through SUNY Cobleskill.  

    Students will receive MHS Regents credit and college credits from SUNY Oneonta or SUNY Cobleskill only if they successfully complete the full year courses. No partial credit will be given. Attendance and grade requirements must also be met in order to earn college credit.

    SUNY Oneonta College in High School

    SUNY Cobleskill College in High School



    College Children in Families:  1 Credit, MHS; Optional 3 College Credits for students in grades 11 and 12 only, SUNY Oneonta
    I really like children and I want to work with them. What does this mean and what do I need to know and understand about children today to work with them? The first semester of this course will focus on the study of the holistic development of children and the experiences and factors that influence the way children develop. How current events, culture, and today’s families impact child development, and how they compare to the past will be discussed and analyzed. The second semester of the course will consist of observations of preschool students enrolled in the Massapequa High School Child Study Preschool Program and the creation of developmental assessments based on those observations. Students may apply to receive 3 credits from SUNY Oneonta. Prerequisite: Parenting and Child Development and Child Study

    College Art of Baking (Fall) and College Creative Food Preparation (Spring):  .5 Credit/.5 Credit, MHS; Optional 3 College Credits, SUNY Cobleskill (Both courses must be successfully completed in order to earn college credit)

    • College Art of Baking (Fall) - Like to bake? Want to know how to bake the best cookies, cakes, and breads? In this class you will gain an in-depth understanding of baking and pastry arts by learning and demonstrating various baking techniques, mixing methods, and basic food preparation skills. You will prepare a variety of recipes including cookies, cakes, pies, biscuits, quick breads, yeast breads, and pastries, all from scratch!
    • College Creative Food Preparation (Spring) - Using your knowledge from The Art of Baking, you will be able to be creative with ingredients to design unique and appealing flavor profiles in food. A large portion of this class is dedicated to cake decorating where you will learn how to prepare and utilize different frostings, like fondant and buttercream, to decorate cakes. You will also be able to compete against fellow classmates in various creative baking challenges, like cupcake wars and a cake decorating competition.