College Italian:  1 Credit, MHS; optional 6 College Credits, St. John's University
    Open to all students who have completed the third sequence. Students continue to develop their language ability for college. Cultural reading in the target language represents the current scene as well as the past historical, scientific and cultural contributions of Italy. Students will also have the option of earning college credit through the St. John’s University course. Upon successful completion of this two-semester course, the payment of all required college fees, and the meeting of all college registration deadlines, students will be granted college credit. Although transfer credits cannot be guaranteed in advance, all but a few colleges will accept the credits. Transfer-credit policies vary from college to college. As a result, the student may be granted advanced standing, waiver of a requirement, elective credit or a combination of these. If a student has questions about credit, it is recommended to contact the college/university directly. Students are required to purchase the textbook (cost between $100-$150).