American Sign Language 1:  1 Credit, Ames/MHS
    This is a beginning course in American Sign Language. It includes basic vocabulary, sentence structure and an introduction to Deaf culture. The emphasis is on comprehension and communication of statements, questions and short messages. 9th and 10th grade students may only take this course as a 2nd World Language. They are required to continue studying their main World Language.

    American Sign Language 2:  1 Credit, MHS
    This course is the second phase of a three-part sequence in American Sign Language. It continues the development of receptive, expressive and interactive skills as a foundation for effective communication in ASL. Cultural goals will enable students to develop greater understanding appreciation of Deaf culture.

    American Sign Language 3:  1 Credit, MHS
    This is the third phase of a three-part sequence in American Sign Language. Students will be able to communicate receptively and expressively on all topics of the New York State checklist. All students will take the Checkpoint B ASL Assessment in June. 

    College American Sign Language:  1 Credit, MHS; 6 College Credits, St. John's University
    Students will have the opportunity to explore the arts, literature, and history of the Deaf community and use the target language for in-depth discussions and conversation. Students will comprehend messages and extended conversations performed by native signers, understand idiomatic expressions and use context clues to gain meanings of unknown signs, express themselves clearly and fluently, using a variety of vocabulary, ASL grammar structures and appropriate non-manual behaviors, and appreciate and follow the norms of Deaf culture and interact with members of the Deaf community. This course will require successful completion of ASL 3. The students will have the option to register for six college credits with the affiliated university.