The mission of the School to Career programs is to help students make connections between what they are learning in school and the skills and competencies required to be successful in the 21st century workplace. These partnership programs provide students with the kind of work experiences that will enable them to make better career decisions. They are designed to enable the community and the school district to partner in providing quality education that prepares students for the workplace and higher education.

    The following programs may only be taken as an additional elective beyond the minimum enrollment of six (6) full periods of instruction plus physical education each semester. Students participate in these programs after school hours and must provide their own transportation to and from the work site. These programs are available during the school year and over the summer. Students will meet with the program coordinator on a scheduled basis and will be required to complete additional related instruction through the Career & Financial Management course or Independent Study Project.



    Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP):  .5 or 1 Credit, MHS
    Students will receive .5 Regents credit for 54 hours or 1 Regents credit for 108 hours of interning within a particular career field. The focus of the internship is career exploration, not skill development. The job site must plan an appropriate variety of job tasks or responsibilities geared toward the enhancement of the educational experience of the student. This is a non-paid internship.

    General Education Work Experience Program (GEWEP):   .5 or 1 Credit, MHS
    A student may participate in the General Education Work Experience Program and earn 1/2 Regents credit for 150 hours of work or 1 Regents credit for 300 hours of work. Students who elect to enroll in the program must have their job approved by the Work Experience Coordinator, must be getting paid on the books, and must receive satisfactory job performance evaluations throughout the school year.

  • DECA Business Club

    (Distributive Education Club of America)

    DECA is an association of marketing students of Massapequa High School. Goals of this organization are to enable students to develop leadership qualities, to make students aware of, to develop, and to refine skills necessary in the decision-making process, which are essential in managerial positions in the market place. Competitive events are sponsored locally, statewide, and nationally to challenge DECA members in academic and vocational excellence which are the building blocks to successful careers and demonstrates the relationship between the business curriculum and the needs of business and industry. More than 60 national corporations sponsor the competitions with cash prizes or stock portfolios.