• Develop an awareness of the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills, aptitudes, and abilities to future career decisions.

    • Understand and demonstrate how academic content is applied in real-world and workplace settings

    • Provide students with the necessary educational experiences to enable them to make better career choices, preparing them for the world of business and college studies

    • Demonstrate mastery of the foundation skills and competencies essential for success in the workplace and advance college-based studies.

    • Provide students with the opportunity to earn a 5-credit sequence in Business as an alternative to the 3 credit requirements in a World Language and the Checkpoint B assessment in a World Language for a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.


    Accounting:  1 Credit, MHS
    Students are instructed to the double-entry concept of debit and credit entries. Focus is given to generally accepted accounting principles, journals, ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and overall bookkeeping functions. Successful completion of Accounting gives students a solid foundation in accounting concepts to be used either in entry-level employment or to enrich post-secondary study after high school. Concepts of electronic accounting are introduced with hands-on experience. This course is available to students in grades 10, 11 and 12. It is recommended that students complete this accounting course in 10th or 11th grade if they are considering enrolling in College Accounting as a junior or senior.

    Business Office Applications:  .5 Credit, MHS

    Business Office Applications Course Video

    A half credit course designed to enable the student to become an efficient computer user and understand the basics of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office Applications. In one semester, or its equivalent, the student will be taught the skills needed to proficiently use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, as well as be introduced to coding and learn about various career options. This course is essential for any student to help improve his or her computer skills for use at home, school, and in the future at college or work.

    Career and Financial Management:  .5 Credit, Ames/MHS

    Career and Financial Management Course Video

    Start taking control of your future! This course will help students acquire knowledge of the world of work and basic financial management concepts. The first component will help students to explore careers available to them and understand the education, training and other requirements necessary for these careers. Students will focus on choosing a future career that aligns with their Career DNA - their personality, interests, values and natural talents and abilities.  In the second component, students will be introduced to basic financial management concepts that will help them make wise financial decisions. Real world money management topics will include income, credit, spending, saving and investing. Students will learn how to set financial goals, create budgets, maintain a checking account, and choose between various savings options.  They will understand the necessity of establishing and maintaining an excellent credit rating while evaluating various sources of credit, credit laws and FICO scores, and the cost of credit.  This is a must take class for ALL students!

    Computer MAGIC (Media, Applications, Gaming, Innovation, Coding):  .5 Credit, Ames/MHS

    Computer Magic Course Video

    Computers are the tools and people make the MAGIC. In this project-based course, students will learn how to use programs and coding to develop social media websites, computer apps., and games used on computers and smartphones.  Some additional skills taught, to compete in today's workplace, are digital photography, graphic design and video communications.  Students will collaborate and be creative.  They will be introduced to career options such as engineering and entrepreneurship.

    Entrepreneurship and Marketing:  1 Credit, MHS

    Entrepreneurship and Marketing Course Video

    Entrepreneurship is a one-year course designed to provide students with a background in managing a small business. Content of this course will include selected entrepreneurial skills as well as management and marketing functions related to the operations of a business. The marketing, merchandising, and management skills which make up the course content are presented in a format that emphasizes the small business. A step by step approach will provide students with knowledge of starting and operating a business. Students successfully completing this course will have a solid foundation in entrepreneurial concepts that may be applied to entry-level employment after high school or enrich post-secondary study. No previous business courses required.

    Fashion Marketing:  .5 Credit, MHS 

    Fashion Marketing Course Video

    Fashion is all around us! Get ready to learn about one of the most exciting and competitive businesses in the world. Fashion Marketing focuses on how the basic marketing principles apply to a range of activities from textiles and apparel production to methods of distribution and promotion of fashion merchandise. Students will learn about the creators of fashion and explore careers in the fashion industry. 

    Money, Wall Street and You:  .5 Credit, MHS

    Money, Wall Street and You Course Video

    Students will learn about managing their personal finances, how the stock market works and the many types of investments available to build a well-diversified financial portfolio. They will explore various investment strategies for stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance and real estate. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of financial planning and learn about budgeting, debt management and retirement planning to grow their money. They will have the opportunity to participate in The Stock Market Game, a stock simulation competition using virtual money and real market prices to practice trading stocks.

    Sports Marketing:  .5 Credit, MHS
    The goal of the Sports Marketing course is to educate students to become problem solvers and creative thinkers with the motivation and potential to be leaders in the field of sports marketing and sports management. Business managers play an increasingly important role in the field of professional sports. Course topics will include sports ethics, management issues and trends, sports related career choices along with the college path required to reach these goals. No Previous business courses required for this course.


    The Business Education Department at Massapequa High School offers 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to earn college level credits through the Farmingdale University in High School program and St. John’s University. Upon successful completion of a course in which all attendance and grade requirements have been met, students will receive college credit from SUNY Farmingdale or St. John’s University and will also receive Massapequa High School credit.

    Farmingdale University in the High School Program

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    College Accounting:  1 Credit, MHS; Optional 6 College Credits, St. John's University

    College Accounting Course Video

    Accounting is the language of business!  This is an accelerated, fast-paced, college level accounting class offering students the opportunity to earn up to 6 college credits from St. John’s University.  Any student interested in accounting or any business field should take this course.  Financial records and accounting reports tell the story of how a company is doing financially.  Income, expenses, debt, liabilities, assets are all components of a financial document that must be understood by anyone wanting to communicate clearly in the business world. Whether you’re looking at a large multinational company like Apple or a small single-owner business like a local boutique, knowing the fundamentals of accounting will help you to better understand your business. This course starts with basic accounting concepts, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The steps of the accounting cycle are covered for both service and merchandising businesses. The class focuses on accounting for sole proprietorships, while also introducing accounting for partnerships and corporations. No previous business courses required.   

    College Business Law:   1 Credit, MHS; Optional 3 College Credits, SUNY Farmingdale
    NOT offered in 2022-2023

    Enter the world of business law through this introductory level course. The topics introduced include torts, liability, offers and acceptance, contracts, agency, partnership law, corporation law, securities regulations, sales contracts, product liability and law of commercial papers. No previous business courses required.

    College Introduction to Business:   1 Credit, MHS; Optional 3 College Credits, SUNY Farmingdale

    College Intro to Business Course Video

    Learn all about what makes a business successful, from management, operations, and marketing, to building profit and driving revenue growth.  Students also learn all the basics of how to manage a real business with lots of hands-on experience, working on projects and competitions such as Shark Tank, Knowledge Matters Virtual Business Management Simulation, and the Nassau County Comptroller’s Entrepreneurial Challenge.  A robust, year-long curriculum includes business ethics, global business, employee motivation, financial statements, product development, information technology to name a few.  The curriculum is updated annually to include recent consumer trends and technologies.  No previous business courses required.

    College Marketing Principles:  1 Credit, MHS; Optional 3 College Credits, SUNY Farmingdale

    College Marketing Principles Course Video

    This course will provide students with a survey of the field of marketing, with particular emphasis on segmentation and target marketing, differential advantage, product life cycles, positioning, marketing mix decisions, and product development. No previous business courses required.

    College Virtual Enterprise:  1 Credit, MHS; Optional 6 College Credits, SUNY Farmingdale

    College Virtual Enterprise Course Video

    This course operates as a simulated business in a virtual environment.  That environment consists of hundreds of other high schools in the US and abroad.   Students play a role in the company such as CEO, COO, CFO, accountant, or sales representative, to name a few.  Students apply for these jobs. With the guidance of a teacher facilitator and real-world business partners, the company will create their own products and brands, finance their business, create a website, create product prototypes and come to class every day and get to work in their jobs.  Students will participate in field trips to trade shows, and enter contests related to every aspect of the business.  Students even earn a paycheck, and make purchases from other virtual companies at other schools. Pre-requisite: One full year business course.