French 2: 1 Credit, Ames
    This course builds on the grammar rules and vocabulary acquired in French I and continues on to more elaborate structures. Emphasis is on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The further study of Francophone countries enhances the students’ understanding of the language and of other cultures.

    French 2 Accelerated:  1 Credit, Ames
    This course for ninth grade students represents the third phase of the 7-12 program begun in 7th grade. It emphasizes the speaking, reading comprehension and writing skills through a grammar more advanced than French 2 and through Advanced Placement units specially prepared for this level.

    French 3: 1 Credit, MHS
    Students will increase their competency in the four functions of language. All students will take the Checkpoint B French Assessment in June.

    French 3 Accelerated:  1 Credit, MHS
    The fourth phase of the 7-12 program. It teaches the four language skills through Advanced Placement reading selections especially prepared for sophomores. All students will take the Checkpoint B French Assessment in June.

    French 4: 1 Credit, MHS
    This course aims to prepare the student for College Level French. There will be special emphasis on the use of French for meaningful and more sophisticated communication both in speaking and writing (ex: discussing personal identity, relationships, social issues, etc.). There will also be four to five mini-chapters where students explore the culture and history of France through readings, research and films. Assessment will be conducted through the use of quizzes, journals, projects and oral presentations. 

    French 4 Accelerated:  1 Credit, MHS
    The aim of this course is to begin preparation for the Advanced Placement exam. It is conducted in the target language to further listening and speaking skills. There is an emphasis on advanced grammar. In addition to the textbook, various literary and cultural selections will be studied. This course will begin to prepare students for the Advanced Placement French Exam that will be taken at the end of French 13AP.

    College French : 1 Credit, MHS; 6 College Credits, St. John's University
    This course is intended for students who have completed French 4R with an average of 85 or higher. The syllabus is similar to an intermediate college language course. Upon successful completion of this two-semester course, the payment of all required college fees, and the meeting of all college registration deadlines, students will be granted college credit. Although transfer credits cannot be guaranteed in advance, all but a few colleges will accept the credits. Transfer-credit policies vary from college to college. As a result, the student may be granted advanced standing, waiver of a requirement, elective credit or a combination of these. If a student has questions about credit, it is recommended to contact the college/university directly. Students are required to purchase the textbook (cost between $100-$150). 

    AP French Language & Culture:  1 Credit, MHS
    This Advanced Placement language course is for students who have completed French 4 Accelerated. This highly rigorous course focuses on enhancing the skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) needed for the Advanced Placement French Language exam. All students will be required to take the AP exam in May. Students must complete a summer assignment.
    Failure to complete all course requirements, including participation in all AP exams, will result in the loss of AP course designation on a student’s transcript and AP weighting will NOT be applied.