Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media
  • Our students have the ability to use technology devices at home and in the classroom. We believe it is important to partner with parents and teach our children how to be safe and responsible with technology. As students learn about being a good citizen, they also learn about being a good digital citizen. 

    Our goal is for students to become productive and responsible users of digital technologies through our teachers, support staff, and a digital citizenship curriculum instructed by our School Library Media Specialists. Some of the topics include: Internet Safety, Privacy and Security, Relationships and Communication, Cyberbullying and Digital Drama, Digital Footprints and Reputation, Self-Image and Identity, Information Literacy, Creative Credit and Copyright

Parent Resources

    • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to:
    • General tips for Parents/Guardians:
      • Keep your computer (or child working on a mobile device) in an open area
      • Communicate rules and discuss internet expectations
      • Monitor computer activity and/or explore parental controls