i-Ready Math (K-8)

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  •  "Ready Classroom Mathematics is a program designed to support all students in becoming independent mathematical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong mathematicians. As you begin to explore Ready Classroom Mathematics, key program components that will be important for you to locate and become familiar with are: 1. Your child’s Student Worktext, in both print and digital versions. 2: Your child’s Student Digital Experience, including Digital Math Tools and Learning Games."

    The Clever Portal

    Students log-in through the Clever Portal, then log-in with their @msd23.org Google Account

Navigating to the Ready Classroom Mathematics Family Resources

  • Step 1: In order to access the Family Resources you will need to navigate to Clever, then log-in with the student's Google username and password.


    Step 2: Once you are on your student’s dashboard, select the Bookshelf icon on the bottom of the page.

    Step 3: You will see an image of your student’s Worktext. Click on the book and it will take you to the digital edition.

    Step 4: You are now in the Student Bookshelf where you can access a digital copy of your student’s Worktext. Look at the top right corner of the Bookshelf. You will find a button labeled Family Resources. Click on it.

    Step 5: On the Family Resources page you will find a video that explains the learning in each unit and a Family Letter with activities for home practice for each lesson.

    Sourced from www.readyclassrooomcentral.com

FAQs from iReady

  • Are there things I can do to help my child with math at home?

    We provide Family Letters to help with understanding mathematics concepts, explain the learning goals for each lesson, and suggest activities for you to do with your child to support their learning outside of school. Your child can also access online Learning Games and lessons on supported devices at home.


    Can I access a digital copy of my child’s Student Worktext at home?

    Yes, you can find a digital version of the Student Worktext within your child's Student Digital Experience at home on any supported device. Click the Bookshelf icon to access it.


    Can my child access the student dashboard on my phone?

    At present, you cannot access the student dashboard on a phone. To test if the program will work on a device or iPad®, visit http://cdn.i-ready.com/systemcheck/ for a system check.


    Which Learning Games should my child play?

    Learning Games are available on the student dashboard. The games are designed to strengthen fluency, number sense, and conceptual understanding of challenging mathematics standards in a way that is fun and engaging for students. We encourage students to use the games for roughly 20 minutes per week or more at the discretion of educators or families.


    Why does the program present different ways of solving a problem instead of just one, single way?

    Ready Classroom Mathematics engages students with solving problems using different approaches to encourage them to become flexible in their thinking and problem solving. Students’ conceptual understanding is deepened by making connections between different models and strategies, and their judgement is enhanced by selecting the best way of solving a given problem.


    Are there math manipulatives that would be helpful for my student to use at home?

    You do not need to own any specific math manipulatives to be able to support your child at home with the program, but it can be helpful to know what types of manipulatives students are working with in class so you can include them in at-home practice. You can access Digital Math Tools through the student dashboard.

    • Kindergarten: 10 small objects (beans, candies, buttons) for counting
    • Grade 1: 20 small objects (beans, candies, buttons) for practicing addition and subtraction and an analog clock for practicing telling time
    • Grade 2: Coins for practicing calculating values and rulers for practicing measurement
    • Grades 3–5: Rulers or tape measures for practicing measurement

    Sourced from www.readyclassrooomcentral.com