FLES Curriculum at a Glance

6th Grade World Language Selection

  • The following provides parents of 5th grade students with information and resources related to choosing a world language to study at Berner Middle School. Please refer to these resources while assisting your child in making this important decision.

    Here is all the information that you need to help your child make their language choice:

    1. The district letter to all 5th grade parents that will be backpacked the week of December 4th.
    2. A video that discusses the World Language program and 6th grade language choices.
    3. What to expect in 6th Grade World Language classes.
    4. Please note that the deadline for entering your child’s World Language course requests is Friday, January 5, 2024.

    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Anderson at 516-308-5774 or by emailing wanderson@msd.k12.ny.us.

Grade 3 FLES Introduction

    • 7 Continents
    • North America - the United States
    • South America - Brazil
    • All About Me - My Place in the World

Grade 4 FLES Foundation

  • Review - FLES Foundation

    • 7 Continents
    • North America - the United States
    • New York - Native Americans
    • Massapequa
    • My Community - My World

Grade 5 FLES Foundation Continued

    • Who Am I? - Community
    • What Do I Want To Be? - Economy and Commerce
    • My Family - Aztecs
    • My Community - Inca