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    NEW! BrainPOP Creative Coding

    "In partnership with Scratch and Vidcode, Creative Coding accompanies BrainPOP topics." Creative Coding is accessible from the TOPICS page of BrainPOp and BrainPOP Jr.

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    BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. 

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    "The CS Fundamentals units are designed to be a great introduction to CS for students of all ages, starting as young as Kindergarten. The courses blend online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials with “unplugged” activities that require no computer at all. Each course consists of a set of lessons that may be implemented as one unit or over the course of a semester. Even kindergarten-aged pre-readers can participate."

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    "Learn to identify code as a language and how to apply algorithms to complete computational tasks. Learn to read, modify and write scripts to change what happens in JavaScript programs. Solidify logical thinking and problem solving skills, while transitioning to typing-based coding. Learn Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java and more."


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    "Made with Code l Google: Projects are designed to be easy on­-ramps to coding while creating something cool that you can use, share, and show off. Projects are designed to be creative, fun, and immediately rewarding. These are early building blocks that can start to prepare you for future code learning."

    Made with Code

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    "Scratch is a programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations."


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    "Matlab is a programming platform designed specifically for engineers and scientists. The heart of MATLAB is the MATLAB language, a matrix-based language allowing the most natural expression of computational mathematics."

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    "ROBOTC is a powerful C-based programming language with a Windows environment for writing and debugging programs, and the only programming language at this level that offers a comprehensive, real-time debugger. ROBOTC is a cross-platform solution that allows students to learn the type of c-based programming used in advanced education and professional applications."

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    "Use the EV3 Programming tool to build a program for your robot and bring it to life."

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    Unreal Engine

    "Gaming Engine - Unreal Engine is a complete suite of creation tools designed to meet ambitious artistic visions while being flexible enough to ensure success for teams of all sizes. As an established, industry-leadingengineUnreal delivers powerful, proven performance that you can trust."

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    "Gaming Engine - The world’s leading real-time creation platform. Unity is used to create half of the world’s games. Our real time platform, powered by tools and services, offer incredible possibilities for game developers, and creators across industries and applications."

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    3D Design and Printing


    "Tinkercad is an easy, browser-based 3D design and modeling tool for all. Tinkercad allows users to imagine anything and then design it in minutes."


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    "SketchUp is the easiest way to draw in 3D, now delivered in a web browser. Draw, orbit, push-pull: make anything you can imagine, however you envision it."


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    "3D CAD software for product development. Inventor® 3D CAD software offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools."

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