Student and Parent Tech Support

  • Network/Google Accounts and Online Resource Log-in Support: *Please use the form links below due to our extended school closure

    • Elementary Students - Request to visit your Computer TA during school hours
    • Secondary Students - Visit your Chrome Depot for device support or your Computer TA in the Computer Lab for accounts and log-in support
      • BMS Chrome Depot (Device Support) Hours: 7:15 - 3:40
      • BMS Computer Lab (Account Support) Hours: 7:50 - 3:00
      • AHS Chrome Depot (Device Support) Hours: 6:40 - 7:30, 8:10 - 9:00, 2:15 - 3:03
      • AHS Computer Lab (Account Support) Hours: 7:15 - 2:25
      • MHS Chrome Depot (Device Support) Hours: 6:45 - 7:25, 8:10 - 9:00, 2:15 - 3:03
      • MHS Computer Lab (Account Support) Hours: 7:15 - 2:25
    • Summer Months - Click here (Limited Support during July and August only)

    If Grade K-12 students or parents need additional log-in and/or resource support during this time, we ask that you please complete the following form:


    If Grade 6-12 students or parents need a non-functioning Chromebook repaired during this time, we ask that a parent completes the following form after 1. Check charger cable connections (disconnect/connect) and plug in to a different outlet. 2. Reset your Chromebook hardware:



     PowerSchool Parent Portal Support (Student Information System - SIS):

     PowerSchool Learning, Formerly Haiku, Parent Support (Learning Management System - LMS):

    • PowerSchool Learning (Haiku) Tutorials: Click here
    • PowerSchool Learning (Haiku) Support Request: Click here

     ParentLink Email Subscriptions (District/School/Community Emails)

    • Parent/Guardian Email Distribution List Information: Click here
      • Contact your child's school to update your email contact information
    • Community Email Distribution List Information: Click here

     ParentLink Phone/Text Messages (Telephone Call-Out and Text System)

    • Parent/Guardian Voice and Text Notification Information: Click here
      • Contact your child's school to update your telephone contact information

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • Q: I am not sure of the student and parent responsibilities (E.g. Accidental damage or theft, charger replacements) of the Grade 6-12 Student Chromebooks. What are the expectations and responsibilities?

    A: Prior to a student receiving a Chromebook, a parent and student agrees to our Learning Anytime, Anywhere Handbook - Click here

     Q: My child forgot his/her password. How can I reset his/her password?

    A: Grade K-7 Only - These passwords are posted on our Parent Portal (Log-in to Parent Portal > Student Portfolio > Elementary Student Log-in Info) - Click here

    A:Grade 8-12 Only - Please use our Password Management Tool - Click here

    Q: I am having trouble signing into the Parent Portal. How can I access?

    A: If you do not have an account - Contact your child's school for an access ID and access password

    A: If you have an account - Email

    Q: How can I change my child's Fastt Math Operation?

    A: During the school year - Your child needs to tell his/her teacher

    A: During the summer only - Complete the form found on this page - Click here (Summer Only)

    Q: My secondary child is not able to log-in to Chiefnet using his/her network username and password. What can we do?

    A: It is possible the network password has expired. Please have your child visit their computer TA or use our Password Management Tool - Click here

    Q: I am having trouble creating or logging in to my PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku) parent account. What can I do?

    A: Please complete the PowerSchool Learning (Haiku) Support Request Form: Click here