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Summer Fine Arts

  • The Massapequa School District is pleased to announce that the Summer Fine Arts program will be running a full, in-person program this summer! All camps will take place at Massapequa High School. Our Summer 2021 brochure and camp details are available on the Summer Fine Arts page


  • The goals of the Visual Arts Program are to provide a sequential, cumulative program of concepts and skills from kindergarten through twelfth grade, all while promoting visual literacy through studies in art history, aesthetics, and art criticism.  The program strives to provide students with experiences that meet individual learning styles while engaging them in higher level thinking skills.  Students are presented with real-life art behaviors so learning the content of art becomes relevant - these include the elements and principles of art, the use of tools and media.

    In addition, art students gain an understanding of the diverse cultures in society as reflected in the arts.  The program provides cooperative and interdisciplinary experiences and meets the New York State standards-based visual arts curriculum.  An Art education gives students an experience they can have from no other source and its position in the school curriculum symbolizes to the young what adults believe is important. 



  • The comprehensive Music Education of the students begins in the Elementary Schools (K-6) with General Music.  In the primary years, students work on basic skills such as movement to a steady beat and use of singing voice.  The primary level concludes with 3rd grade recorder experiences and the selection of a musical instrument.  Instrumental instruction beginning in 4th grade, along with the opportunity to participate in Chorus, continues through 5th & 6th grades on a weekly basis.  The students also continue to have General Music every week.


  • Vincent Green
    Director of Fine and Performing Arts
    Massapequa Public Schools
    4925 Merrick Road
    Massapequa, New York  11758
    (516) 308-5085

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