The Dignity Act Coordinators

  • Coordinators work in conjunction with the school's Pupil Support Services (School Psychologists, School Social Workers and Guidance Counselors) in addressing all incidents and concerns. We encourage you to contact the appropriate coordinator or support service staff with any questions or concerns.

    Coordinator Location Phone Contact Email Contact
    Dr. Brian Trapani District Coordinator (516) 308-5070
    Ms. Barbara Lowell Massapequa High School - Main Campus (516) 308-5900
    Ms. Tania Willman Massapequa High School - Ames Campus (516) 308-5800
    Mr. Jason Esposito Alfred G. Berner Middle School (516) 308-5700
    Mr. Steve Aspetti Birch Lane Elementary (516) 308-5100
    Mr. Thomas McKillop, III East Lake Elementary (516) 308-5200
    Dr. Kristi Gerhard Fairfield Elementary (516) 308-5300
    Mr. Michael DeLuca Lockhart Elementary (516) 308-5400
    Dr. Amanda Lowry McKenna Elementary (516) 308-5500
    Ms. Deanna Catapano Unqua Elementary (516) 308-5600