Personal Fitness & Wellness Program

  • Personal fitness and wellness has been a focus of study that has been well established during the past twenty years. It is a balance between physical fitness, disease prevention, stress management, nutrition and safety. The Personal Fitness and Wellness course is designed to incorporate classroom instruction and laboratory activities to reinforce cognitive concepts of exercise science and physiology. It will include a written record of the students own personal fitness and physical education activities. The program emphasizes individual personalities and attitudes to actively involve students in their learning experience. It will demonstrate that all students can be active, healthy and physically fit. The course will provide the opportunity for each student to develop knowledge and patterns of physical activity con- sistent with lifelong maintenance of cardiovascular health. Students will learn to monitor and assess their fitness level, design their own personal fitness program and maintain a desired level of fitness. It will motivate students to understand the concepts of health related fitness and the importance of ones’ health and fitness.

    Personal Fitness Outlines