PEX Assignments

  • MHS and Ames students who are medically excused from physical education class will be assigned a study hall during their regularly scheduled class. A doctor's note is required at the onset of the illness or injury, which will be accepted by the nurse's office as valid.  A doctor's note is required for non-participation over a one-week period of time with the specific duration of exemption indicated by the doctor. In the event a return date or the duration of non-participation is not provided, an additional doctor's note will be required after two weeks.

    Teachers will then be notified by the nurse's office of the PEX assignment.  A student with a temporary disability will be excused from participation after presenting a note from the nurse or his/her parent or guardian.

    The physical education teacher will assign a study hall and notify that teacher of the duration of this assignment. These students are required to attend study hall and complete the assigned written work in order to receive credit for their physical education class.

    The students are responsible for obtaining the assignments from his/her physical education teacher. The student will then download the assigned PEX Packets and Articles (see links below) and return completed work to the teacher of record by the assigned due date.  


    PEX Packets

    PEX Articles