Grading Policy

  • Massapequa High School - Main & Ames Campuses
    Physical Education is a semester course. Each student will receive a grade for the first and the second quarter. The cumulative average of the two quarters will result in the semester grade. If a student fails for the semester then that student must repeat the entire semester to receive credit. The guidance department will monitor each student’s progress. 

    Assessment and evaluation is based on learning outcomes and standards and is an integral component of the physical education program. Evaluation will include end-of-the unit performance tasks, formative assessments of skills, knowledge and attitudes, preparedness, participation and attendance. Any student who is unprepared for class shall not be allowed to participate in any activity.

    Berner Middle School
    Students will receive four quarterly grades for the year. Students will perform at least one assessment during each physical education unit. The assessments evaluate skill, behavior and/or knowledge of the activity.  Students receive a daily grade in physical education. The daily grade ranges from 0 to 5 points and is broken up into two categories: Preparation/Promptness & Performance.


  • Participation is required and will be defined as “being actively and cooperatively engaged in the activity”. All students are required to complete the Physical Best Fitnessgram Assessment during the first and fourth quarters. Students are required to attend all scheduled physical education classes to receive credit.